Any way to get the current IPO frame?

Right now I use a messy method that uses an additional 2 objects:

  • Object “A” shoots a ray down the Z axis
  • And object “B” plays an IPO that at a certain frame (of my choosing) moves “B” under the ray shot by “A”
  • “A” detects “B” and triggers an action in sync with an animation playing in the gamespace.Now this method (even though messy) works fine, but using it means that for every action which has to happen in relation to an animation, I’ll need to have those two extra objects, and several more logic bricks.

So I’m wondering: Is there any possible way to return the current IPO frame played by any given actuator?

If I need to be able to get the frame number, I usually just have the IPO controlled by a property, and use python or logic bricks to add to/subtract from said property. this makes it quite easy to read the frame number.

Yea, I know, I’m probably going to end up writing a frame handler.

I was just wondering if there was a way with generic blender functions.

Thanks for the input though.

eh - so hard to tell. If only there was a documentation project for the API.

The Sphere game maker documentation is freakin awesome! Even though technically its harder to use.