Any way to import both textures and rig at once?

i apologise should this be a duplicate, i could’t find anything that answered my question.

my issue is basically this: i want to import a rigged, textured character into blender. i have both an .obj and an .fbx file and all the textures required. if i import the .obj all the textures just work out of the box but there is no rig. if i import the .fbx i have a rig but tediously have to assign the textures by hand every time.

am i missing something? is this normal? surely i’m not the only one affected or frustrated by this. certainly someone sat down and thouhgt: “i better come up with a solution for importing both in one go!”, or is that impossible for some reason? maybe there’s another file format that does this, but then why are .obj and .fbx so common? and unfortunately it wouldn’t do me much good in my current situation since i only have those two.

i would really appreciate anyone taking the time to explain this to me or point me in a direction to look. thank you in advance and have a great day!