Any way to keep the screen widgets on the screen while editing in edit mode?

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One this that I am having hard time with the 2.8 branch while transitioning to it is that when I am editing in edit mode, some screen widgets disappear and come back when I release my mouse.

Now this may sound like a good idea for occasional stuff, but it gets super disorienting when I am modelling, I am a relatively speedy artist, I like to do things as fast as I can. So what happens is that all those widget disppear and reapper looks more like screen flickering than some useful feature. I might edit and release my mouse couple times a second sometimes , you can imagine how glitchy that looks on the screen.

So I am wondering if there is way to either disable screen widgets (those that disappear temporarily during edit) or keep them on the screen at all times whether I am moving stuff or not. I am ok with a .py solution. I just would like the flickering loook go away.


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I am still wondering if I am the only Blender head that thinks this is an issue :slight_smile:

So here is the issue at hand. As you see in the right image, the screen widgets are gone when moving verts.

I am trying to see what purpose hiding the icons of gizmos and others up there serves? If this is about showing more info about the operation, the whole bottom part of the 3d viewport is empty, all that stuff can be shown there. Really perplexing implementation.

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Thanks but are you sure that addresses what I am bringing to table here?


Never mind, I am taking a look at the bug. Thanks for the pointers.