Any way to look at a Maya file?

So Hey I got slight star struck at a model i saw on someone’s twitter.
And really the only thing i wanted with this model was to just look at the mesh and see how the rig was set up.
I subscribed to their Patreon to get access to their Models and rigs so that i could excitingly figure things out with it.

However I didn’t know this guy uses Maya… Whoops

I think i see that Maya has a free trial, but i just wanted to check real quick if anyone knows of a way i can view or transform this file to something blender friendly before wasting my free trial on just looking at a rig ._.

It’s a .MA file if that helps.

Thanks for any tips :slight_smile:

I don’t think so. It’s a closed format, I don’t know any other way than using maya, especially since the development of 3dexploration kinda stopped.

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Every software has its own way and tools for rigging, which don’t necessarily translate 1:1 on export. So looking at the original probably is the way to go.
That said, if you shared the file I could export it to an FBX for you, which can be imported in Blender, but who’s to say that everything that you actually need would be exported?

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