Any way to make a polygon regular?

Sorry if this sounds like a noobular question, but say if I have 5 edge all connected to make an irregular polygon (with/without faces) is there any way to make those edges into a regular pentagon where every edges length is equal, and every angle between edges is equal?

when hyou select circle you specify the numbers of edges you want
and you get an N polygon figure


By that, do you mean adding a circle from the space-bar menu? What I meant was “regulating” polygons by adjusting existing geometry. For example if I’m modeling the shoulder socket of a character and I want the hole to be a evened-out regular polygon it would be a pain in the backside to have to delete the existing edges, add a circle and re-join the verts. So is there any way to make selected edges an even length or something?

there is a command to make it look like a circle in the tool panel

but to make it look like an N polygon - i don’t know anything that can do that

ounce a mesh primitive has been modified it’s unknow what it looks like in 3D

so i guess this is manual ajustment only!


There may be a faster way to do it, but this way should be fast enough unless you’re considering a huge number of vertices.

While in edit mode for your object, add the circle as RickyBlender suggested. So these vertices are now a part of the same object. Place it where you want it. Select a vertice that you want to move and Shift-RMB to select the vertice in the newly created “circle” and hit ALT-M. From the Merge menu that pops up, select At Last. Repeat until polygon is complete.

Well, I guess this all boils down to being able to apply absolute scaling to edges rather than relative scaling. If I can’t find a way to do this, is it something that could be done with a script? I haven’t made any scripts before so this would be a good chance to learn.

I still say the method I posted above works. I was able to add a 16 vertice polygon and move 16 old vertices to the new locations in under 2 minutes.

2 minutes for something which could take just 2 seconds! If I have to do this 30 times on a model that’s 1 hour wasted.

don’t froget the program cannot guess what you want you ahve to give clear instructions to follow
but can you show up a pic may be i’ll get better idea what your doing and think about it


I’m a programmer, but not with Blender. This has the potential to be a good script though. You could write something that takes a set of selected vertices and moves each of these vertices to the locations of the closest vertices in another object. Then you would have a script that would be useful in other contexts as well. Maybe something like this already exists.

Why don’t you just do this?:

  • Select all the vertices
  • Shift + S --> Cursor to selection
  • Click “To Sphere” (Found in “Mesh Tools”)

Or did someone mention this already and I missed it?:o

Click “To Sphere” (Found in “Mesh Tools”)

This won’t produce a regular polygon in all cases. If you try this on some vertices arranged in irregular patterns, you’ll notice that the distances between them will not always be the same.

My mistake :frowning:

yarp but ounce your hve this plane you can set the transform widget to that plane

and you can add a cirlce iwth n segment then hyou edit out what ever you want

the new polygone will be added in the same plane then the original circle

select view then transform and selct choice


You can use the “To Sphere” tool available in the Mesh Tools panel in Edit Mode for the mesh . The center for the operation is determined by the location of the cursor so you should select the edge loop you want to even out and Shift-S -> Cursor to Selection before you hit the “To Sphere” button …

Note that this tool does not work well with odd numbered polygons (you can’t get a even pentagon for example) . If you really need a even sided odd numbered polygon you should just take RickyBlender’s suggestion with a couple of short steps added … First, snap your cursor to the edge loop like above then delete the uneven edge loop, then hit spacebar -> Add -> Circle and input the number of vertices you need, then select the edge loop that was left when you deleted the uneven loop along with the new even circle/loop just created and hit F ->Skin Faces/Edge Loops .

That F skinning is faster, but there’s a little less control