Any way to make scrolling slower?

in those boxes, where you need to scroll (or put manually a value), is there any way to make the scrolling go slow and go with increaments?

for going slower, on maya, you could have hold either shift or ctrl (idr), but on blender it doesn’t seem to work

while with the increment thing, on houdini if you go up to the value that you need to change, then press mmb, and then go up either .1 , .01, 1 boxes, and the scrolling, it will increment at the time by the selected value, so by either .1, .01, .1 and eccetera

If there’s a slider in a numeric dialog box, holding down SHIFT will make it go slower.

If there’s NOT a slider, SHIFT only resets it to its original value, but doesn’t affect the speed. (This can be demonstrated with the 2 fields in the DISPLACE modifier: for some reason one has a slider and one does not.)

Generally, SHIFT in Blender slows down mouse interaction, but it doesn’t seem to have propagated evenly through the UI.