Any way to "preview shaders with a onboard GPU? cpu render a level?

I need to help direct/ approve some work, and my gpu crapped out,

is there a way to view openGL textures using cycles?

It is possible to setup Cycles so that it renders a similar pipeline that OpenGL does. It all depends on if you know exactly what the OpenGL shader is doing.

hrmm :expressionless:

I just need to see the UV textured items in game made by the team,

Can’t they just send you screenshots?

I guess that will have to due,

until I get a new motherboard.

You don’t need GLSL to see UV textures. You do for bump and spec maps.

Try changing to multitexture mode, and seeing what it looks like.

Why do you need a new motherboard? Surely a new GPU will fix the problem not a motherboard…

The GPU is onboard,(soldered on) and there are no options even for a replacement that is not soldered on.

I did not realise it when it was purchased… not until the first time my GPU crapped out (Dell repaired it 3 times)

look up dell 1558
my GPu is a ATI mobility 5470
They are notoriously bad designed.

I am looking at a 350$ nvida motherboard with a built in GPU,
I have the I7 processor and ram etc that will swap over to it.