Any way to publish my blender game(without burster or bpplayer)

Bpplayer didnt worked out for me and the sponsor is on my back, and also burster cant run the 2.57 version of blender, I tried to upgrade to the 2.62 version but it presented soo many bugs and blender 2.62 is quicker but it is worse in my oppinion than all the versions before it.

Well any legal issue that I could know, anything at all that could help me on this release, I dont know where to go anymore, I m on the edge to say, BGE not worth our work with it, so mutch trouble for nothing so far.

Don’t sell it, just do donation-ware. :slight_smile:

Indivania has a neat start up program going on.

Since its open source you can always make your own player…

Just out of interest leonnn, what kind of bugs? I’m sure that there are many here, including myself who’d be happy to help you fix them :slight_smile:

Thanks guys Im reading but so far I still fell that I m going nowhere with BGE, you can create a donation based stuff, but you ll raise 2000 bucks tops, and that is not what I want, months developing a game that I simply cant sell to anyone, or even distribute for free and have my files closed. I really need money, as I said I would not mind in make the file open to everyone learn with it, I have a mark of win $50.000 bucks with the complete version of the game, that ll have about 100 puzzles, + extra simple games and things like that. but I sincerelly doubt that I would achieve this ammount of money with donations, and its not a big ammount of money, if 50.000 guys played my game and donate 1 dolar I ll have the money and I ll be abble to start my business that is what I want, I really want to be abble to work with games. Maybe someone may think, 50.000 bucks is too mutch, but small titles solled on steam for 5 dollars receive mutch more than that.

So, for me its like this, you have burster, that is a great tool, but its not like a game where you run on your computer and plays it, then you have Bpplayer, that is also great, but my game is not working with it, and also other games ll not work for both solutions.

Then you get stuck with a game engine that have less potential than about all the other game engines, a game engine where you cant sell your game just by exporting it, this forum usually have tons of projects going on, but we never see big game projects done so, not that the members lack in capacity, I can quote, solar lune, agoose, laxwolf, and many others, but they usually make greate games that kind of ends without even been finished,and that is what makes me fell bad about this, and those guys are better than in lots of things related to BGE.

So, I think that we need to lauch a good title that can be strong enough to show what BGE can do(abc s project is great, but its not what I mean) and create solutions for people to sell their games or do wharever they want, I think that if we wait for blenderfoundation to do something, nothing ll happen, BGE have some cool new things but there where lots of great things made in the past, that never became trunks, looks like that we are really abandoned here.

Im working on my game since I ont know how long, I m working on it alone and only on it, Im not a kid, I dont live with my parents, I have bills to pay, and now that I have the demo done and I could try to get sponsoring I dont find a decent way to show the game for this sponsor. I m really desperade about this issue, Im not kidding. I think that if we find a good way to put my game on the market it ll be good for the whole comunity, for BGE and for me, I m really using blender game engine because I believed that it could do something, people are asking on the youtube gameplay of my game if that is blender, so, it proves that almost nobody know what it can do, well I dont know what to say anymore I m really begging for a magic idea that ll change everything!

Thanks agoose, the main problems are animation problems, I dont know exactly why it was that changed but the engine now look worse than before. the animations simply dont run like before, almost everything that have a shapekey and runs with the other animation dont work properly. I ll upload the images in a minute and I ll update ths post wait a little please and thanks!

This is a small problem that I cant understand why its happening, this suposed to when I pass the mouse over the object, it should turn and face the camera, when the mouse is out of the object surface it should go back to an animation that keeps running all the time, but once the animation ran, if I move the mouse over it again nothing happens. on the 2.57 it worked well.

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By leonnn1 at 2012-04-13

By leonnn1 at 2012-04-13

The BGE sure has its problems, but one of the problems you’re facing right now is because your probably promised the sponsors a game which you hadn’t yet packed at the promise time( previously a work in progress, now already a nice demo), and as such didn’t know of the problems which could happen from that time until the present time. Tv, magazines and such only show the successful cases of ‘risking everything’, but they do not show this can also be very bad. You know how time is needed to make a good game, but you must reserve in advance time to solve any problem which may happen(making your game compatible with bpplayer and burster); and also you need to have a plan B in case game development does not go well(mine is doing freelancer artists works).

Ps: Avoid using logic bricks

Leonnn, i can’t tell what the problem is from your screens. I may have asked before, but if you provide me with a zip version of your game I can help, promising that as a fellow BA member, developer and member of society that I wouldn’t use, look at or copy any of the source. (look at the stuff that’s broke though!)

Lunarts, to a degree, you should be aware of limitations before undertaking a project, but Leonnn’s problems are to do with version fragmentation (he started PicaPix before The animation update. Also, Logic bricks are very useful ;there’s no reason not to use them, Python is just useful for complex structures like AI.

I think logic bricks for complex games quickly become a complex network of wires and bricks, and the situation does not get better if the logic bricks are split between several blend files(difficult managing), among other things. With python everything is located at the code files, it teaches you how to develop your own code when needed, to be capable of several advanced technics, it allows you to use another engine(or port your game to other language), if needed and more. In my opinion logic bricks are good for the starting coder(I used logo bricks before), maybe it is a question of choice between these two; it just is which in my case I prefer python by the reasons above, my game already has 7000 lines of code(optimized, there sure was more before), I wouldn’t want to think how many logic bricks and networks it would give.

@SweetArts - I don’t think the problems leonnn is having is related to logic bricks, so I wouldn’t advise against using them for the reasons that he’s having. Logic bricks have their place just like Python does. Python is more efficient for coders, and gives you more control, but logic bricks are easier for those who don’t code and are also quicker to set-up for smaller logic layouts. If leonnn just used Python instead of logic bricks, I believe he would still have the animation problems he’s having, just as agoose mentioned. The animation update done on a newer version of Blender makes previous animations invalid - I’m not sure how to solve this issue, though.

@leonnn - Unless you need to update to a newer version of Blender, you might want to consider sticking with the version that works well, particularly considering that this project that you’re working on is nearing a deadline. Don’t be afraid to trim the fat - if you wanted a feature that’s available in the newer version of Blender, but it’s not integral to the gameplay, don’t throw out the whole game or lose sponsorship / funding just for that. Get the basic game idea out - you can always update it later. However, from what I’ve seen, you’ve got a large, enormous portion of the game finished.

As far as distributing your game, aside from Burster and BPPlayer, as far as I know, you have only one other option - normal downloadable distribution with the standard BlenderPlayer. If you want to encrypt external script files, I believe that there’s a way. I think that you can take compiled script files, rename them to be the same name as the edit-able script files, and use those instead.

As for encrypting blend files, that is totally possible, though it’s not impossible to figure out a way to decrypt them, since it’s not as simple as just binding the blend file in with the EXE. To maintain your own license agreement, you have to have your blend file be separated from the executable. However, since you want your game to be closed-source, you need for this blend file to be encrypted. Just renaming the file is a tiny step, but will deter some lazy people. If you want to encrypt your file, you’ll need to look into file encryption and decryption functions, most likely functions to use with Python. So, you would encrypt your file before distribution. Then, you would most likely bind a loader blend file (through normal “Export As Runtime”) in with the EXE file, which would run a decryption function to open the game blend file, get the binary data (should be very simple), and then decrypt the binary data and load the actual game scene(s) into memory. I believe this can be done with bge.logic.LibLoad().

As to the sponsor that is ‘on your back’, the only thing you can do is finish the project (at least up to the demo) in Blender, unless you want to start from scratch. This being the case, tell them that you’re working on finishing up the demo, or the portion that you need to finish, and that you’ve run into unforeseen circumstances that are postponing the project for a little bit of time.

It’s possible to work with the BGE for commercial projects, but it’s more of a pain since there’s no built-in method of distribution like with most game production programs. However, encryption and decryption are still definitely possible with the BGE - once someone gets a nice, easy method of implementing this, it would help game development with the BGE by a huge amount.

EDIT: Even after all of this, though, it might be worth simply letting the game be somewhat open-source, if even just to get finished with it. Besides the logic bricks and models, the resources for most games aren’t that precious (textures, sounds, and music you usually can get through the game or through browsing the game’s folders, anyway).

I agree with you SolarLune, that is exactly what I said at my previous reply. Thought I must apologize because I wasn’t talking about the animation specific problem(I also had them, but fixed in the past), but something more general(not related to that), if his project gets more complex later. Guess I shouldn’t had drifted off-topic.

Sorry leonnn, I shall post no more here about that.

I’m sorry for the animation problems introduce in 2.60. I really tried to minimize compatibility issues, but corner cases keep cropping up. If you can make simple files demonstrating the problem, please add them to the BGE’s issue tracker. They won’t be fixed by 2.63 (that’s going to be released in like a week or two), but maybe I can get some more resolved by 2.64.

I am of too little experiece to help, but I have to agree with Leonnn. I really don’t like the new Blenders. 2.49 is were it was at. :\

Ok I ll be very clear with what happened before someone get me wrong, please I m deeply sorry if I m have been a upset cause.

I got very nervous because of the whole thing, I wasnt angry with any solution when I posted this thread, I tought: “bbplayer ll not work with my game because of the version of blender that I was using aswell as burster” , and I would had to update to 2.62 and by doing that I would got several bugs from one version to the other.

Ok, I was worried about the sponsor but he understanded the situation quite well, what happen as usuall is that I m impulsive and frightened at the same time, and I try to find solutions everywhere without know exactly what the problem is.

I started to work on this game beucase I believed that BGE could do something great like on other game engines, and I wanted to do it with logic bricks, I cant code very mutch but I actually made some small scripts for my game, anyway, I really wanted to make a game that was made with logic bricks only, unfortunably this is nearly impossible, but still I have few lines of code on my game and tons of logic bricks too. Then I ended on a point that the whole thing brought me down, actually several times on the development of this demo I got upset, BGE have some bugs, and those bugs got me crazy, and when I say bugs I mean bugs, not the kind of problem that I ask for help on this thread.

But those bugs where overcomed, some of them all by myself and some with the help of this comunity. Then when everything looked good, the ammount of bugs( those bugs are related to my gae development) was very reducted, I actually couldn t found any bug that would cause any trouble to the gameplay after the weeks of bug fixing .Then the demo was nearly there to be released, and I tough t" I proved to myself that blender could do it now its just a matter of time"… well that didnt happened.

First of all sorry moguri, I dont uderstand why you said sorry to me since Im the one that should say sorry to you and to many others, BGE is better thanks to guys like you , thanks a lot for your efforts on make this game engine better and better.

Second c-106 delta I have no words to thank you about all the help that you gave me. Thanks to him the problem was found!

Now I ll describe what happened, I asked c-106 delta if there was a way to use my blenderplayer on his program, BPPlayer, and he told me that probably should be a way. Ok so he made a speciall mod of bpplayer to make it run with the 2.57 version of blenderplayer, and it doesnt worked at first and he told me that he could help me better with a chat conversation.

Then his idea was to find the source of the problem, he spend some hours just filtering the information that I gaved him o find the solution and creating new modified versions bpplayer, he didnt asked for anything back, he just helped me.

Then he found the problem, it wasnt my project or bpplayer but the blenderplayer that didnt worked with .blend, at least with my .blend, even when I updated to the 2.59 it still didnt worked, it presented diferent bugs but it wasnt merelly playable. So I cant really express how mutch his efforts in solve this problem helped me, I tried to pay him ( not with money) my own way by helping him with some disign stuff that I bothered him to accept because he didnt asked.

Really thanks c-106 delta without you this game probably would take some extra months to be released maybe, there would be no more release.

Ok Once I knew the problem I saw what I should do, I would definelly have upgrade the version to the 2.62 version of blender, there was no way back to this if I wanted to keep working on this game, and that is what I will do, there ll be lots of bugfixing because of the updates, maybe some things on the logic that I ll have to change completelly, but so far a big portion of the game is working properly, there are some problems with the 2d filters that need to be changed but I think that soon the demo ll be completelly playable on the 2.62 version, and it ll be probably even better than before.

I really cant express how mutch this comunity helped me, thanks a lot, this game would never achieve sutch a stage of development without you guys, thanks, really thanks, and Im sorry for anything that I said that upseted any of you.

I ll try to make a tutorial about all this that I ve learned on the " How can I sell my game with blender", I think that some members ll like to know that, and that is a way that I found to return a little of what this comunity gave me without ask nothing back.

Thanks again and I m sorry about the long text but I really wanted to share this with all of you.

And at last sorry about my english, I know that its kind of hard to read what I write and here on brasil its 4:46 AM, so its late and Im writing even worse than usual! sorry.

And cam.dudes I think that you should try the new versions of blender, I got problems because I started the game with a version and then had to upgrade it to a new version, but the visual difference wanst that big, actually I like bge mutch more now than before, it rans faster have more possibilities and blender itself look better to me.

I would recomomend you to try to get used with it, you ll probably like it more than the 2.49 version, but if you want to make a game start with 2.6x version or later!! HEHEH.