Any Way to Recover Bake Files?

Hey, I’m trying to complete a fluid simulation with res200 but, Blender freezes and crashes after about 50 frames…
Is there any way to bake in segments? It takes about an hour or so for 50 frames, I don’t know why…perhaps because of the size of my domain box + fluid.

I’d greatly appreciate any help,

i think it saves each frame. so you should be able to start the bake at frame 49 and continue…

There seems to be an annoying memory leak in the new cache. But there is no unambiguous testdata to show the leak.

If your simulation is compact and demonstrates the leak, please report the bug.

Alright, thanks. But, how do I manage that? =/
I’m not really sure =/

Well, first you need a stripped down, simple blend file. That is the point.

If you are able to say; “start with the default cube, do these 10 steps… and blender will crash” you will get a bugfix within hours. But if you say “my 600 MB file crashes” the developers ignore the problem.

Next you have to demonstrate it is a bug, not a humble computer with insufficient memory.

The final step is easy. Go to the blender homepage -> bug tracker -> report a bug -> new account.

How do I start the bake at frame 49 for example?