Any way to recreate the edge tool using nodes?

I find the edge tool lacking options, so I would like to recreate the edge tool using nodes so I have more control, but I don’t know how, or if it is even possible.

Can somebody help me out?

There’s this []( blender/) and I’m sure you can find more with a simple search

Try running the Z pass (depth - this is on the render-layers node) through a Sobel Filter (Add>Filters>Filter and set to Sobel) - this will create a white-on-black outline image, which can then be subtracted from the origonal image to create a black outline, or combined in other ways; Blurring it, Dilating/Eroding it, and the Colour Ramp are all good for altering the line’s properties.

Note that this line will only appear where objects are BEHIND each other. If you want edges pointing TOWARDS you to appear as lines, you have to tick “Normal” in Render Properties>Layers, and feed out of the Normal option. And you’ll have to combine these in some way.

Thanks for the reply, but now I have another question: I run the sobel through an inverter, and now I have the black outlines on a white image, how do I make it transparent instead of white? So I can overlay this composite onto the original render

A number of ways…

I think the most versatile would be to put the Sobel filter into a Color Ramp (Add>Converters>Color Ramp) then set the gradient in this from black (assuming that’s your chosen line colour) to transparent.