Any way to save material to image?

I’m thinking of uv mapping my model for use inside of a game but since I’m horrible at standard art (2d stuff) my textures are fairly subpar. However, I am able to throw together some decent procedural textures that would be great for uv textures. Is there any way to save the procedural textures/materials as an outside image?

Look up render baking - you’ll need to unwrap your mesh and set a blank image to render to - then the baking function will allow you to put your textures on the image. Pretty cool, but you’ll need to dig deeper in the threads here and in the wiki to get all the info. :slight_smile:

yea , what craig said,

select your model, that is UV mapped, and has an existing texture,
Press control - ALT- B…
you can choose from full render, normal map (makes bumpmap, from multi-res meshes), texture, and AO

Texture is a nice one , it dose not bake any shading, so you get a nice clean texture.

OOooooOooOooOooOhhhh I didn’t know about that, cool!