Any way to stop lights from appearing through objects in eevee?

You can see there are two spotlights under the nose of the big skull and there are lights in each of the yellow cylinders. I can’t mess with the volume distance because I need the fog. I find that’s a crappy way to get out of this problem anyway because you can’t just abandon volumetrics because lights are appearing through solid objects.

Is this a bug by the way?


Render Properties > Volumetrics > Volumetric Lightning > Light Clamping set to 0.1, default is zero.

Light Clamping 0:

Light Clamping 0.1:

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I’ve had this problem before.

that just turns off my volumes. Even at 0.001

edit: I got a better result at 100.00 - but I do have to sacrifice some of the fog bloom that I like. It’s a shame that lights just appear through solid objects. Typical Blender move - keep pushing new features but leave the broken stuff. Volumes are broke on so many levels. I keep filing reports every release.

But to be fair it’s at least tolerable now - thanks for the tip.