Any way to turn light off, so it costs no render time?

Go to remove light, it still costs render time.
Moving it to a layer where it has no visible effect does not remove its rasterizer cost, even endObject ingame does not remove its rasterizer cost. This just doesn’t seem right.

Is it possible?


bump. there has to be some way.

Moving the lights or ending them should work… Ending the lamps or moving them to another layer should work… You’re using Python to move them to another layer, right? Try different layer values, like obj.layer = 2, obj.layer = 4, obj.layer = 8, etc.

Moving light layer between 1-4 doesn’t work, ill give location a try and higher layers to see that this isn’t a glitch.

and yes im using python for all operations, logic bricks become messy :slight_smile:

Deleting lights or moving them to other layers doesn’t increases the performance as far as I know. The shader code is generated only once and does not change during game. Correct me if I’m wrong.

greetings, moerdn

moerdn you are indeed correct. you can move the location of the light far away enough but you only receive a very small amount of frame performance back. switching layers does not work. I guess its back to baking most of my lights :slight_smile: and use shadow casters sparingly. Specularity is the killer.

On another note you have some very good proposals on your youtube channel moerdn, i hope they get considered for implimentation.

A separate python call uppdateShader() that can be called to recompile the shader code would be a good feature.

But… once peer game just can’t be right, I can’t understand how that would work - once peer scene perhaps? Then it probably should be scene.uppdateShader()