Any workaround for bevel and inset self-intersections?

Hi! Fairly often i need to bevel, vertex-bevel, inset, outset many quite complex shapes, often with crazy n-gons. But on complex shapes these tools produce wrong self-intersect results, forcing to make a lot of additional tweaks.

Does anybody know anything that will help to avoid self-intersection? Maybe how can i automatically put vertices on those intersections, or stop beveling once first intersection is spotted - exactly at that moment, or stop only intersected edges and continue insetting others. Tips, tricks, addons, tools, scripts, ANYTHING?

I searched in google, searched here, looked in addon repo, studied default Blender tools, thought a lot, tried different “scripts” - useless. Help.

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Can you post an example image showing this self intersection?

I know the modifier version of Bevel has a Clamp setting to avoid self overlaps but the edit mode version does not have such option and neither the inset.
On some complex models it could be really useful instead of having to do it “by eye”.

Export face to Nanocad, do Offset there. Use 1D_Inc Nanocad scripts to import and export.


Clamp is next to useless since it has a global effect. In better implementations its usually handled with merging the overlap.