any1 from Philippines?

Meron ba ditong mga pinoy??


Merong pinoy dito. I’m from Cavite.

pampanga here!
musta younguser?!
yo dopski!
i wish more of us will come across blender…
anyway, what are you busy with guys?

:eek:i know someone whos mom is from the philippines

I am philippino, but I only speak english :slight_smile:

i’m pure blooded pilipino! :smiley:
i speak tagalog… i speak kapampangan (our local dialect)
anyone near pampanga? or within pampanga? i wanna meet blender users…

anyone near pampanga

I am 1st generation kano but my mom is from Angeles. Was just in Pampanga last February and found out the legend is true, Pampanga has the BEST cooks. Even the food at a roadside diner in San Fernando was masarap!

Dad is from Mendez, Cavite. To be fair, they have great bakeries in Mendez. Yes, I travel mostly to eat.

sa pasig po ako

I’m not from Philippines, but I’ve been there couple of times. The very first US colony. (Not many people knew about that, not even Americans.) That explains the predominant use of the English language in the country’s media.

Today, Filipinos are among the recipients of outsourced jobs in the US like India. Even knew of a Filipino friend who onced done 2d animation work from Disney as well as comic illustrations from Marvel. This is not to mention the large numbers of knowledgeable programmers. Of course, this is not something unique. Just makes me wonder why people from all over the world are content in being users than developers. One developer for every country could have made Blender’s progress in astronomical proportions.:spin:

hey! next time you visit philippines, try to tell me… :smiley: i might be able to show you why filipinos are known for their hospitality ( i think)
i would agree that we may have one of the Best cooks! :smiley: yeah we love eating…

younguser & dopski: ano work nyo? CG related ba? ginagamit nyo blender? don’t know of any company here in the philippines who uses blender :frowning:

Sa blender game engine ako, kaya nga lng yung model ng characters ko gawa sa makehuman lam mo yun? ang hirap i low poly! pwede mo ba ako 2ruan??? oist d ako noob ha!!

Sa blender game engine ako, kaya nga lng yung model ng characters ko gawa sa makehuman lam mo yun? ang hirap i low poly! pwede mo ba ako 2ruan???

yep, nagamit ko na makehuman…good software noH? Have you tried Poly Reducer script?

lam mo, baka may makapansin na nagtatagalog tayo… baka mapagalitan tayo :smiley:

your work is in game design? sounds cool! :smiley:

hirap nga po yung poly reducer na script d pa naman po ako marunong nun! d naman to tyo mapapagalitan na nag tatagalog po tyo hahahahaha!

i just started using the blender, it’s around 2 weeks from now. anyway i’m from pampanga too. kumusta mga kablender. i’m still in the learning process, i love it.

hey! that’s good to hear?! where did you learn blender from? am also from pampanga… i guess i can be of help to you… PM me… kapampangan ku! :smiley:

Taga Sta. Rosa Laguna, working/staying in Saipan…

hehe, I like balut, nobody else does tho

yeah, i heard… Filipinos are branded weird at times coz of this… :smiley:

Taga Sta. Rosa Laguna, working/staying in Saipan…

wow galing!

Not so much…:slight_smile:

ecgilboy: is your work 3D stuff related? hows it?