any1 from Philippines?

No…I work in the Power Plant…Its just my hobby and its fun…how about you?

Taga Baguio po!
Weird, you would think that we would embrace free tech like blender in the philippines. I see a lot of 3DSmax and maya users but not enough blenderheads…

garuhhh: yeah, you’d be hard pressed to see blender-using companies in PH. If they could only comprehend what Blender can do… it would give 3DS a run for it’s money!

Weird? That’s strange. Blender should all the more be embraced by people from poor countries like the Philippines. As garuhh admitted:

“…regardng the piracy… yes, it’s indeed very prevalent here, particularly in our area. laws regarding anti piracy are not implemented well, and besides, people here really can’t afford to buy licensed softwares. they might even cost as much as a whole year salary of ordinary folks here. we’re really poor people.”

really fun! :smiley: i’m an engineering instructor. i don’t really use blender in my work now… but at one time, we used it in our CAD class…

Ang dami palng tiga pampanga gumagamit ng blender.

Ang dami palng tiga pampanga gumagamit ng blender.

really ? lol …

ok can you learn us basic philipnes , some famous words :slight_smile: , lol …

you may say…
Mabuhay ang Blender!

Translation: Longlive Blender! :smiley:

I know about three Philipinos!

Hello I’m from Iloilo. I just saw this thread. am very happy that there are many Filipinos already engaged in Blender. by the way i’m into animation. here’s my first finished project:

hi jpjurilla! :slight_smile: yeah , it’s also nice to find more and more pinoys are into blender now. i hope it could be known here as “industry standard”… para meron tayo makuha trabaho! hehe. though i heard, abs-cbn artists are using it partly… not quite sure where… :slight_smile: welcome to blenderartist by the way…

Mabuhay ang Blender!

i agree with you there garuhhh. although i enjoy teaching right now, my passion is really to be a 3d animator

yey! welcome to the club! i’m also an instructor! :smiley:

Sali ako! Blender user from Imus, Cavite. No output yet!

From Mandaluyong. A student. Started using Blender since February when 2.42a was the latest. It was part of a presentation.

Ku Musta - (i learnt that from a Philiphines person!)

mabuti ( it means ‘fine’)
mayo man ( in Hiligaynon- that’s the language used in Iloilo and the rest of Western Visayas. 'mayo means ‘good’ or ‘fine’. ‘man’ means ‘also’. ‘mayo man’ then literally means, i’m fine, as well. )

hi all!!

I’m from davao, student, just started learning blender just this year. I think that’s from January 2007 up until now. hehe

here’s my latest work, this is just a cause of my enjoyment in blender.

mag visaya ko ha, para lingaw. hehe
nalipay ko sa pag google nako about “blender philippines”, nigawas ni nathread…
naga post post naman ko dire sauna, pero wala ko nag expect na daghan diay mga Filipinos dire…
sige ko promote blender dire sa davao, pero kasagaran na mugamit sa software kay mo repel. ang nahibal-an lang nila 3dsMax, Maya. Up until now, naga promote japon ko bahalag kapoy. hehe

unta mudaghan pa ta. :slight_smile:

Mabuhay Filipino Blenderheads!!!

ragingmon: very good work! galing ah! :smiley:

It’s really such a late reply but anyways, count me in. I’m Filipino, I’m here in La Union right now. :slight_smile: