Anybody considering a CG career?

I was just wondering how many of you are considering making a career of CG, or already have. So far I’m thinking the future of my life is looking like going to Full Sail Uni in Florida for a Bachelors of Computer Science degree, then I hope to work for ILM either as an animator or modeler. Pixar doesn’t really seem to match my style, it’s more about making cartoon animation movies than photo-real special FX and characters.

I’m definately up for a career in CG. I’d love to go to Full Sail, that’s my dream! Unfortunatly i dont have sufficient funds to go there. Maybe for my masters degree… hmm…

Anyway, yeah i hope to work in either the film or video game industry, i’d do anything to get in at a game company, even be the janitor. :stuck_out_tongue:

ok, now i have a problem. i’ve got a team, and a registered name and such, but i’m not even in college, nor have i completed any game projects. should i click working toward a profession in CG, or already do CG professionally, cuz it’s certainly not professional, but as a profession like a job, then kinda-sorta.

not CG but CAD, and Design. i use the skills i learnt.

All sorts of computer related industries aren’t exactly “CG”

Industrial Design
Grpahics Design
Web Design…

Hobbyist forever.
It’s something I just picked up someday and a great way to spend your free time with creativity. I don’t think that I’m suited for a job in the industry, though.

So, I rather enjoy Pixar’s work at home instead of screwing the fun because I actually work with them :smiley:

I went for it…

…took really many years to get there…

…And now I’m there! Today I work doing CG for a living.

then why didn’t you vote that jo0ngle?

CG as a hobby, at most. I’m not very good at it and I don’t spend much time with it. I’ve been busy with the guitar lately :stuck_out_tongue:
It would be cool to live of your art, but I have two other arts which are more important to me than CG (namely music and writing).
Getting a good job in the CG world isn’t easy either. Or either you work for a boss (and let’s face it, most of us don’t like to be forced to make a specific thing rather than set our creativity loose on our own projects) or either you’ll have a hell of a time finding clients as your own boss.
And another thing. Saying you use an open source app won’t impress clients or future employers much… We all know how biased most people are.

Maybe he’s working for the mafia.

I certainly intend to be a professional in the CG world someday… but that could change, who knows?

no, cg is just fun for me, i think my career will be in music. vocals probably. :slight_smile:

yeah, same. Im opretty good at it, but its just for fun. That or I may do graphic design… But Im really shooting for a career as a musician…

preferably famous :wink:

I can imagine Lua and Drew singin together…they are gonna be sooo hardcore rock!:cool:

Seems we all want to be an artist in some way :stuck_out_tongue:
Lua and Drew will need a bassist and a background vocalist, so that’s where I come in :cool:
However, the odds are not very high that any of us will make it in whatever art we’d like to do. Even IF you break through as a musician, you won’t be able to pay the rent (if you get 2% then you have to sell a lot before you see even a penny).
Luckily authors can get to keep the copyright on their own work. Record labels usually demand the artists give up their copyright (the ONLY thing their music is worth and we have to give it to people who earn waaaay too much already :eek:)
Ah well… music will always be my love, so I don’t mind playing for myself and never earning a living with my guitar.
For however’s interested, here is Love’s view on the matter.

Ha, your in Bassist Pete :wink:

Oh wait…reads rest of post no, your out. What a doubting jerk. When I’m rich and your sitting on these forums in your junky old condo…oh, then we’ll see who was right…


Beating the odds is about the only fun thing to do in this life. If you dont, your like everybody else. If you do…

edit oh, that is so totally my new sig…

drew, a wise man once said, “People who quote themselves are f*cking idiots.” that man was me…

cw: sadly, your right. you aren’t likely to make it statistically. i was never crazy about statistics though. i’m gonna try.

we need to get everyone together and jam at the next blender conference.

@lua: harhar. Im still waiting for someone wiser than me to quote…

Every group needs a rapper with some beats…and that is where i come in:p
I got an idea!!!why not make a music video!!!1

actually, Im pretty sure that only rap groups need rappers… :wink:

No not really…linkin park has Jay-Z and they were a rock group:p