Anybody considering a CG career?

well, yeah, for one novelty album…

and Im more like…either soft blusey rock, or punk…

Rap Punk…that would be interesting.

hmm…:rolleyes: …rap punk…how would you combine that??
OH how ya like my sig??

if only we all were smart enough to be be like T.I. …

what is “pimp”?

They werent really a rock group, they were more of a “hybrid” group, which was the intent of linkin park with their first album entitled “hybrid theory”. Hybrid Theory and Meteora were the only two good albums from linkin park in my opinion. After Jay-Z joined in it just got downright stupid. I dont think they went in the right direction with this one, the styles were way too different.

But then again that’s just my opinion.

Back on topic:
For you (real) professionals out there… Does schooling matter? I mean if someone has an awesome portfolio and clearly demonstrates their artistic knowledge through use of color, composition, lighting, texturing, etc. Will they get hired over someone who has a fancy degree but not such a fancy portfolio?

@lua: a dude who traffics whores…

LOL…take take that back!!!Besides i ain one…i jus quoted him…and yeah…he is a genius dont you think…

@ Ven0mSevenX-Yes i completly agree with you…dont get me wrong Jay-Z is a great person but he just didnt fit right in the group…i wish fort minor were with linkin park…:frowning:

They were the only two studio albums produced by Linkin Park and LP alone. Jay-Z sucks ass indeed. Numb/encore was the best song and even that sucked. Big time.
No LP fan in their right mind loved Collisions Course or Reanimation (that’s the part I don’t like about Shinoda, his rap part. He’s a good pianist and guitarist though).

And to answer your on-topic question: sometimes. Sometimes that piece of paper matter more than a portfolio. Because that piece of paper called a diploma is supposed to represent expertise. University is, IMHO, a business like any other where money matter more than anything. They create the image that someone who went to university is an educated and skilled person, someone capable. These people only know their trade at a scholarly level and we all know that that’s of little use in the real world. Of course, everyone believes university is the way to go so they love to spend a lot of money to go to it. Let me restate that: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
That’s where capitalism gets out of hand.

I think Mike Shonoda pulls off the rap alright, but definatley respect him more as a guitarist, and keyboardist. I dotn like his rap anymore, reminds me too much of a wannabe white friend’o’mine…

anyway, Ioved Numb/Encore, but Im also into some rap.

I like rap with clever lyrics. the kind that makes you think, and has you kind of admire the work and thought it would take to write such lyrics. Im not into the more trashy rap.
And never diss Jay-Z. Even if you dont enjoy his music, I think anybody can respect that he is a hard worker, and obviously a smart guy, to have come as far as he has.
Hes one of the most succesful and influential african american artists of the past 20 years, and knows business(what with him owning his own Major Record label and all)…

Just my 0.02

Jay-z does not suck at all…he is one of the best people in the world.he has a great music empire and is a very good rapper.If u listen to his new album it demonstrates true music and it isnt just rap because it conveys alot of things…
edit: Drew posted before me…and i agree with him…never diss Jay-Z cause he has come along way with lots of ups and downs…

track wrecka:

what does that even mean in english???

would you do me if i didnt pay you.

And if I wouldnt(or couldnt, since Ive been doing everybody) pay to have you do me, would you still want to?

thats the first bit…wonderful lyricist, no?

The ones with the fancy portfolio runs off with the major prizes (jobs). Maybe if you where applying for a job as an key-accountant it would matter…

I do have “fancy schooling”…but thats in 2D-art and classic animation
(which cost me a fortune).

I am still happy I went with schooling though as it acellerated my learning process and made me aware of stuff relating to the art of observation, rules of the eye, lines of beauty and general good design tools (mental tools - if you like).

These give several advantages WHEN hired as those who have been taught smarter tools and faster ways to achieve the same goals do really finish faster.

I’m hoping to get a bachelor’s degree in Visual Communication within the next few years, however I doubt that’s enough to be on any major commercial game development teams like squaresoft or bungie. I catch on to things pretty quickly though and i’ve been playing around with the BGE so maybe by then i’ll have a nice enough portfolio, full of game maps after about 3 years. I’m just hoping I’ll find a way into the industry at the right time.

I agree that experience is far more valuable than a piece of paper that says you can use Maya, I just want to go to school because I don’t think I can learn the skills I need for a pro career on my own. I’ve been looking a lot at the Full Sail website, and I really think they care about making their students learn, not just their financial bottom line like charlesworth999 said. (Although I completely agree with him when it comes to most colleges.)

Well its a two edged sword. people coming from schools, don’t necisarily have the passion, but they “DO” have the connections. most schools will actively find jobs for students.

universities are all “self learning” institutes, you only learn what you teach yourself, they just steer you to the right sources. but the definite advantage is the connections and networks that you can generate. classmates, lecturers… they will potentially get you jobs throughout your life.

We get weekly emails from university with jobs on offer like WETA digital, and other design companies all over the world. i was infact shortlisted for a weta job (but turned down, because of timing and stuff on the halo project) through it. so its worth it.


p.s. do something at university that is similar but not the same field, then cross your knowledge.

I.e. i signed up for animation, then figured i could teach myself (true i could) so i learnt industrial design which i couldn’t teach myself, and i now have two sets of skills and passions. it will take me random places, but it will be fun.