Anybody didnt see Up yet?

Just saw Up.

If you watch the movie just pay attention to the fabric textures, they are incredible.
Pixar just got a big notch better.

I always wonder how long it would take to render on just one machine… My friend cried at the end and he is male… :L

I don’t see how Up beat Coraline for the Oscar though, waaay too much suspension of disbelief/inconsistency in the story.

Never seen Up before, is it good?

Coraline man just another amazing movie.

Oscars, come on, those price awards are just nuts - very subjective.

Up bothered me in a big way tho, the main character started off as a withered old man and ended up as some sort of athlete. I know the oscars are no real bearing of what is good, but come on! Plus the wind always changed so conveniently! Like 180 degrees! Movies like this just slap the viewers in the face!

ah this is a story you know - physics aren’t that important
and yes he was an old man silent as a boy and later active and re-energized.
thats called character development and dramaturgy.

It seems that you take the movie to serious.

But I agree Coraline is in my opinion more deserving an Oscar.
But as I said Oscar is Oscar you cannot take that too serious as well.

Amazing movie. I also enjoyed how they were able to put typical cartoon talking dogs in a “realistic” manner by means of a (plot) device.

squirrel! :smiley:

I love up more for it’s technical achievements than anything. The level of detail astounded me and they all fit the movies style. I also liked the lighting. Did you notice the lighting towards the climax? At one scene the dawn after the bird is kidnapped, you slowly find realize the light of the rising sun. From a dull purple to pink if I’m right. That was amazing! Haven’t watched Coraline yet. Heard it’s very good though.

Texture and lighting is indeed just amazing in UP.

halfPintMike, go to a local 1 dollar dvd box and rent it for a day.
It is very good.

I haven’t seen it, and to be perfectly honest, I will have to see it one day. When I saw shrek 3, I was impressed by the “clothing” especially the main baddies velvet jacket. The reflective index was jest perfect! Not to mention shreks cloths.

I won’t be watching shrek 3d yet, but it is in the pipeline. One day!

I didn’t like ‘Up’ that much. Just as (jay) said. I tried to like it but it felt like an advanced student movie, storywise. Also the moral in the story was awful and made no sense. Like a Bollywood movie. Other than the fundamental errors, it was okay.

Do you watch Bollywood films bigbarf ? Our local video has about a thousand dvds, and there’s just one that been recomended to me and that is “3 idiots”. You can read about the plot on wikipedia, and it’s supposed to be quite good. Unfortunately our video store doesn’t have it. Quite surprisingly, since it was on the cinemas at Rialto for a while.

I tried to like it but it felt like an advanced student movie, storywise. Also the moral in the story was awful and made no sense. Like a Bollywood movie. Other than the fundamental errors, it was okay.

Then what exactly would you change about the movie then if you were the director?

All the convienences in the movie could’ve been put there partly for entertainment and make it a fun popcorn flick, it was an animated movie anyway, not really meaning to have situations as realistic as possible.

Spoiler down here. Don’t read.

Not talking about the realism. Talking about the murder that happened for no good reason at all. I mean. They didn’t have to kill him. It was a clear execution. I would have the bad guy survive where he learned a valuable lesson. Somehow.

I have seen the movie 3 idiots, kprick, oops i meant kbot. It sucked less than other bollywood movies but it was bad never the less. I didn’t like their humor but it had its moments.

I’ve seen about 50 bollywood movies. That’s about 400 hours of movie material.

I am not sure if your comparison is correct nor reasonable.

What is flawed in the movie that you consider it Bollywood.
Shrek, Toy Story, all movies follow common patterns which
we all know.

About the murder of the guy - you saw he was descending with balloons?

They did kill him off.

By the way Coraline wasn’t CGI… It was real models the good ol’ stop motion way :wink:

BigDad well you are right - I did seriously not read it that way in the movie.