Anybody didnt see Up yet?

Me I haven’t. I have seen snippets of it at my little cousins while shooting my older cousins head off in 007 for GC though.

who friggin’ cares about “moral of the story”?! Pixar movies go well beyond their objective as mere children’s entertainment, complete with moral the good ol’ Disney way…

in any case, as far as I remember Disney old animations tended to give some harsh ending to their villains.

Yeah, the best bollywood movie i’ve seen was “Tere Bin Laden”. It was pretty awesome!!

But pretty much all the rest suck.

It completely sucked…the style or art of it sucked a lot. I mean a chinese fat boy and a old retarded grandpa. THe only cartoonish 3D animated movie I like is ANTZ. It’s a movie I really enjoyed watching…most of pixars movie sucks so bad. UP had a really bad storyline, and was so unrealistic and boring you couldn’t possible take it seriously. I don’t understand how anyone can watch this and say it’s good…

Zarnik: Well I’m guessing that your views on movies are about the opposite of what most people think. I’ve heard many positive comments online for all of Pixar’s movies and a lot of negative comments on Antz

May I ask how it is unrealistic, if it’s partly due to the colorful bird than things you usually don’t find or imagine being part of real-life is nearly the whole point of animation.

I heard before of the possibility of a movie based on The Sims, a movie about real life, can’t get more realistic than that depending on which expansion packs the director takes into account, not sure if it will be CGI or not.:wink:

Well it’s not a story with style…the style reminds me of something…kindergaarden style. And the story is about a kid and a grandpa finding eachother.

In the movie antz there was a deeper less retarded kindergaarden theme to the story. It was about rebelling against tyranny…choosing your ownway in life. Move from your roots and become something bigger.

That people aren’t born into classes, that our proffesion doesn’t make one better than a hobo. It has a deeper more philosophical theme…and the art style is more beautiful and mystic.

This move UP had the art style of yeah something a apartement dweller or slightly retarded guy would come up with. It was ugly…and the story wasn’t something beautiful…very depressing story tbh.

Two outcast…flying with a house and a bunch of baloons to a jungle to find his dream house location. SOOOO depressing, can’t they make a story that is beautiful and more real and less distasteful and unnatural.

My two cents, awful movie in my opinion!

Up is Up Pixar is Pixar, Disney is Disney

of course is this not an intellectual stimulating movie.

But it is well made, funny and a nice watch

isn’t that good enough?

Cekuhnen makes a good point here, Zarnik, if you prefer intellectual movies and such then I don’t think animation is the right genre to go after, as they generally don’t cater to that audience.

When I saw the first Finale Fantasy movie I was pretty disappointed by the lack of drama and action.
The rendering and hair was great - the film dramaturgy not so much.

But I am pretty sure there were reasons for that - mainly time and technology restrictions.

Under that view the movie still set a major standard in CG and should be valued as this.

@BlendFace: I thought Coraline was mainly done with stop motion but enhanced with CGI - like Corpse Bride.

I’d watch more computer animated films but there always geared to a younger audience and that really puts me off. Which is a shame because Pixar produce some awesome renders and animations, but I just wish they’d include more adult humour, or perhaps a darker storyline, and probably just strip away bland morals for a deeper exploration of a theme. Why can’t these big studios do CGI films for late teens/adults? If you know of any, lety us know.

Up’s main character, the old man, was not necessarily withered in the sense that he came across as being. He was a man who had remained active in his old age, up until the point of his wife dying. The common psychology of men who grow old with their longtime wife is that, when the wife passes away, the husband/widower finds no reason to go on living for his own sake. He simply gives up and lets the world take him down. As is also the case with such men, if they find “new reason to live,” they suddenly get renewed energy, spirit, and attitude, which does much to bring vitality back into their lives…

Carl Fredricksen was exactly that. His whole life was his wife. When they were faced with disappointment after disappointment, with a major disappointment being the discovery that they could never have children, Mr. Fredricksen constantly worked to provide new hopes, new dreams, undying devotion to love and care for his wife, and as such she found her love and joy in his love for her.

When Ellie died, Carl started using a cane, elevator chair, etc…and simply sat on his porch waiting for his life to end. Then, in an unexpected way, Carl found himself realizing his shared dream with his wife… His house was his sole remaining symbol of his wife, and he then found himself, in a total fluke, with their dream before his eyes, courtesy of Russell… of seeking out their childhood hero and being at Paradise Falls, their shared dream destination. And, the presence of Russell provided the unfulfilled wish to have a child. Thus, Russell became enmeshed in Carl’s life, and bonded to both Carl and Ellie through the role of Carl’s house serving as Ellie’s spirit. After all, the house was where Carl had met Ellie as a child, had shared their dreams growing up, and then marrying and adopting the house as their home, taking the rundown shack and rebuilding it into the base of their entire lives together.

As for the wind and its directional changes… It played the role symbolizing the winds of change in life, of destiny taking its course, seldom in the directions one would hope for, but ultimately, in the direction that leads to where one really wishes to be, regardless of the screwed-up paths that seem to make no sense until one has arrived at that most desired place in life.

As Carl’s crazy adventure proved to fulfill his dreams with his wife in a backward way, Carl found meaning to life again, and with the added factor of having a son-figure in Russell… and Carl found that his life dependencies - the cane, etc., were really symbols of his giving up, and not as badly needed as he had come to think.

Therefore, Carl’s role in the story follows in perfect suit with the pattern of the old man who finds himself without his mate, and life essentially “over” for him… until something unexpected materializes to give new reason for living.

ANTZ? Gawd! Antz was sooooo lame… I mean, unless one is a Woody Allen fan… and I am definitely NOT a fan of his whiney, wimp-minded defeatist attitude toward the world. and life, which epitomizes the prevalent attitudes in so many parts of our world today…those seeds being set in from the mid-1960s on, so that our world literally looks hopeless just because of the ingrained lack of hope that has come to a head in so many people’s attitudes.

And as for my views of Up! Aside from what I spoke of above, the movie is a bit basic in many ways as far as animation and presentation… but appeals to me for exactly the reasons that are in the story: Someone’s final realization of childhood, and adulthood, dreams after it seemed that all such things could never come to pass, and all seems hopeless. Such experiences in late life are exactly what brings feelings of newness and energy, which in turn serve to stimulate the mind and body into recovering to a fair degree, and the :world becomes new" again.

Also… I always loved the old Zeppelin-style airships :wink: Though the bird was pretty annoying and retarded, much more-so than Carl by any means.

Up! doesn’t rate as high as some, but it is far from the worst in contemporary animated movies. Too, my 4 year old granddaughter rates it has one of her favorites… so it does serve its purpose there :smiley:


come on - let the kid in you enjoy them :wink:

it isnt that hard !

Ok when I watch the movies I must say I like it because of the CG but
even when it is geared towards kids the movies are still on a different level
then straight toon network production like BenTen or Pokemon!

Cekuhnen - Your probably right, I should let my inner child out to play once in a while! And they are very different to childrens cartoons. I’ll give Up a watch when I’m next off, Monday I believe (it’s gotten many good reviews). But I still think it would be nice to see a few more CGI films done for an older audience.

Slightly off-topic: What did people think of 9?

9 had a lot of great potential, but somewhere along the line it fell on its face.

Well, I did not read everything. But I did not see any mention off-hand of the opening sequence to UP. I thought the news footage, the whole sepia vintage thing was done extremely well. To me that is art direction. And the art direction after that was good. But did not strike me as anything memorable.

I loved the art direction in 9. And the initial concept was great.

The scenes and art direction in 9 are fantastic, and I agree the short that the film is based off is better than the actual film. I’ve never really noticed before how an average script can take focus away from the images you’re being presented.


I think what you are looking for is more on the Japanese market since there animation
is just a common format for entertainment. But not much is being brought over to here
and translated.

9? I was curious about the movie but can only say it is a nice story. The film did not
blow me away as I might have expected.

These are good times for people who enjoy different (3d) animations, all with their own distinct style, story, mood, etc.

Up, Coraline, the surprisingly entertaining Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, the amazing How to Train your Dragon, Toy Story 3, etc, etc.

In this list of great movies we can all find something we can enjoy. Personally I thought Shrek 4 was fine, but nothing special. And 9 just a dull looking movie with too much repetitive story elements.

So much flavors out there that everyone can find something to enjoy.

Btw, I thought that Carl’s stylized design was pretty good

In my opinion no…and I have to disagree with you. pixar’s movies are 100% for children. Monsters inc, toy story raining meatballs. These movies are being made for 4 year olds and it’s easy to tell.

The stories are simplistic and the art style is cartoonish and BAD. Now what animated movies can we see a difference?


That is about it I think, ANTZ was made by dreamworks and is therefore more mature and beautiful. The final fantasy movies are being made by Square enix, these movies suffer from bad storylines but at least they got the maturity.

Pixar - Childish, dull stories
Dremworks - Mature stories
Disney - Mature stories

DIsney 2D animated movies are not always meant for kids. They are very mature. Some movies you could probably convert to a real time movie and you would have a oscar candiate.

-Hunchback of notre dam

These movies could be for adults…anyway. Pixar’s movies pretty much suck since they aren’t very romantic and tend to be very silly and immature. From a 3D technology point of view, obviously UP is more “beautiful” than Antz…but antz was made a long time ago now. And thb I have a hard time noticing any difference…

pixar’s movies are 100% for children. Monsters inc, toy story raining meatballs. These movies are being made for 4 year olds and it’s easy to tell.

Then there are alot of 4 year olds in the world population…