Anybody else hacked at the new bmr?

Not another one…
Don’t hackers have a life? You know… social stuff, hobbies, maybe even (dare I say it?) friends?

Why do people do this, what is to gain by doing this? oh man im annoyed!

yeah, thats f’d up. Hacking a free web site just shows what morons these people are.
Surly some one here could use a proxy server with a fake ip address, then hack those f’ers out of existance.
Hacking OSS sites is not part of any war.
Just malicious spiteful a’holes who don’t deserve to waste the water it takes to keep them alive.
…and they wonder why we don’t like them. Internet terrorism, great. Just what we need.

Cowards. Hidden behind their pc’s and fake ip’s.
They’re what I call “thugs”: criminals who feel safe when their “friends” are there and/or when they in any other way secure from retaliation and/or punishment.
But really, these people hide behind their unjust acts. Behind the toughness, they’re quite insecure, without a sense of where to go or what to do. I know it’s cliché to say that, but I have yet to encounter a thug who’s NOT like that.
Thugs just need to get a direction, a purpose and some confidence and they cut the criminal stuff.
Then you have those who do NOT act out of a lack of purpose and/or confidence… those are the true criminals.
Anyway, I say fck that fcker.

Bloody ****ers!:mad:
BTW, anyone who’s visited that site I’d advise running a virus check now - as soon as it loaded McAfee said it was trying to send me a trojan…:eek:

I hate hackers.

these fags arent hackers

all they do is do an SQL injection onto the forum and then they say that they hacked it

fuckin fake fuckers think they the shit

and the guys at bmr aperantly didnt patch their forum with a new release and proly didnt back anything up as well

God dammit… What the hell is the point in hacking open source sites?

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Don’t think ‘fags’ are the problem. Concentrate :wink:

Edit: (Erased since no interest for no one : Sorry for perturbation, I hope for you that you’ll find quickly)

Why didn’t the BMR take more precautions then this?

Why didn’t the BMR take more precautions then this?

Most people don’t expect hackers to be sad and idiotic enough to hack a free website.
This just goes to show that some people will do anything for a bit of attention:mad:

Guys I want to first point out that these are Crackers, not Hackers. Hackers are people like those who program Blender. Crackers are those who use computers for Breaking Stuff, like BMR

Second of all. #&$#&# those $#&*%$# crackers.

Hmm. I notice with the redirect, you get about 4 seconds with the thing saying BOARD OFFLINE, and you can login or register.

I wonder if the owner knows about it?

It’s a jungle out there. Much of this cracking is automated btw -so who what where the site is doesn’t matter.

Here’s another bad loss if the owner doesn’t rebuild again (this is the 2nd time it’s been destroyed). -used to be (was loads of great pro animator discussion there). Cracked and down since yesterday - and maybe for good. Yeah, he has it backed up I’m sure -but it’s time consuming to rebuild and I’m sure the database is huge. He’s now put the domain up for sale. :frowning:

I disagree. People who program are usually called programers or other terms. I never heard anybody say they were hacking some new python scripts before. It would be kinda funny to hear someone say they hacked Blender though.

Hackers hack their way in and then like to hack at stuff because they have no friends. Crackers crack programs.
Although I remember my school had a test about computers and they said the term hacker ment someone who messed with computers.

Well each to their own definition I suppose. Glad I saw this thread though.
Edit: Actually researching the term, there seems many definitions for it, but the most common one most people use is hacker. So your probably right.

rpgsimmaster’s definition is the one more commonly accepted among programmers (at least the ones I associate with): (first Google search result for “hacker”)

To “hack” something is generally to make some kind of cool modification to it, often using it in a way that the original designers did not expect. I would not find it odd to hear someone say that they had been doing some hacking on blender.


I understand the confusion, and it’s something commonly met by real hackers.

Suffice to say, the media have used the term so often, when they mean crackers, that if you say to someone on the street or on the internet “I’m a hacker”, they’ll try to beat you with a large wooden stick, or the digital equivalent. Unfortunate really.

nvm nvm nvm

Cracker vs Hacker - I’ve been a coder for 30 years, and I am a hacker. The afforementioned problem of the press (or more correctly, TV) incorrectly using the term hacker instead of cracker is the reason most people - even newcommers to coding - incorrectly use the term and forget the fact that a hacker is someone who hacks (writes - same definition as once used for a reporter) code.

Back on topic: These hackers are redirecting to, a registered wesbite address. This isn’t like they are re-writing BMR’s own page to display the message - they are redirecting to their own site. There is no reason therefore that BMR can’t pass that on to the powers that be so that they can start a trace-back.