Anybody else here play MYST IV?

I just started playing the game two days ago. It’s pretty sweet. The graphics are just amazing, and it’s fun and challenging, too. I was just wondering if anyone else has played it.

is it pre-rendered? or is it a full 3D?

I’m pretty sure it is a mix.

I have played this and, while I enjoyed it to an extent, it really isn’t the best Myst game. I think Riven is probably the best, closely followed by the original Myst, then probably Myst III and Myst IV. I haven’t played Myst V, so I can’t say anything about that one.

It is a beautiful game, though.

Er…that last screenshot is from URU…

Myst IV is pre-rendered with a few realtime FX. It’s a pretty cool engine, and most of the effects work pretty well. I could do without some of them.

The graphics in Myst IV are quite good. The story, however, leaves a lot to be desired (especially near the end) and the acting and dialog is very bad indeed. One of the characters actually says, “This is SO not good.” No, I’m not making that up. If you want to leave the game with a good aftertaste, I’d suggest skipping the Serenia age altogether, unless you’re a big fan of Pretty Pony, New Age, really bad Star Trek, and LSD. Seriously.

I was actually kind of sad that Myst V was all real time rendering. I got too used to the beautiful pre-rendered graphics of all the previous games.

And yeah, Serenia is a bit messed up for a Myst world theme. Although I suppose it technically does fit, since you are supposed to be able to write anything you can imagine into existence.

Uru was weird. It involved too much keyboard skill, like jumping onto a specific ledge. In order to solve some of the puzzles, I had to keep trying. Little things kept messing me up like falling off cliffs.

I liked Myst 3. It only lets you go to predefined spots, but you can still pivot 360 degrees. I wasn’t too fond of the second one. My game had about 5 cds or so that I had to keep switching every time I went to a different island. The main reason I didn’t like it is that there were no linking books. Everything was on one large map, so it was really easy to get lost or just far off target.

The thing with Myst V is that it’s made of Uru leftovers. They thought at the time that they would not be able to use some of their Uru stuff, so they stuck it into Myst V. That’s why it’s in realtime.

The trouble with Serenia is that it’s such a huge departure from a typical Myst puzzle (“Here is a machine that doesn’t work. Fix it and you can move to the next area”) that those of us who like the typical format had a hard time enjoying it. Also I hate all that new age stuff anyway. The “color-cloud” puzzle was so stupid I almost abandoned the game at that point.

I would be playing those but I’m still trying to beat the fist one :stuck_out_tongue: It looks amazing, is it more or less challenging as the first one?

All the games (with the possible exception of Exile) are harder than the original Myst. Riven introduced the concept of “puzzles which are practically impossible for most normal people” and later games have tended to follow this lead.

Ya… That impossible aspect of the game didn’t appeal to me. It makes the game play really slow. I spent too many hours on Riven, and it wasn’t that fun. I think it was because you have to keep going back and forth through the same places.

I think Riven is the greatest example of “interactive storytelling” ever made, and its attention to detail is peerless, but the fact that it’s almost impossible to play without a walkthrough is unfortunate.