Anybody give me an example of how to use vertex sort?

I wonder how to use Vertex Sort in Blender 2.6x .
It’s used on UV mapping? or bone? or particles?
I searched in google but nothing…so I hope anybody can help me here.

BTW: the Sort Faces can found in YouTube.

Same question for me !
I see no changes when trying to use it.

Has someone had some success with that tool ?

EDIT: in some recent builds, there is no “sort vertex” nor “sort faces” but a generic “sort mesh elements”.
But the question remains as to what happens to vertice with this tool.

I’m pretty sure that it just changes the order of the vertices underlying data structure. In almost every case, it shouldn’t matter what the order the vertices are in. But for certain things, like python scripts you write personally, or as the example you showed, the build modifier, it can change the order of some things.

But with regards to modeling, it doesn’t really matter at all.

If I understand correctly, the vertices are in an array in the underlying data structure. Sort vertex reorders them in that array. But almost every operation in blender doesn’t care about the ordering of that array.

Well i ask because of my problem in that other thread: I have 2 meshes with almost the same shape and i would like them both to be the same object with 2 shape keys. But it doesn’t work as “joining as shape” make vertices correspond to each other in a wrong manner.

Some vertices of 1 shape are associated with vertices of the other shape that are at the opposite side of the mesh. So the morphing is random and crazy.

I though sorting verts in both source meshes would do just that, that is re-ordering verts nicely in a consistant manner.

If you were writing a python script (which you might be able to) then you could sort verts in the same way, and use the script to “project” the verts positions onto each other. But it wouldn’t make a difference unless you were scripting it.

The example of Edge Sort or Vertice Sort as same as the Sort Faces,
A mesh => delete only face(and Edges) in Edit mode => add Build Modifier => in Object mode play
Duplicate this object => in Edit mode => Edge menu select Edge Sort and chioce randomize => in Object mode play
You can see the different building animation, edge showing one by one, or vertice showing one by one.