anybody going to SIGGRPAH

I will be there being part of the Studio Team showcasing how I use Blender for my work at the Studio booth.

Does anybody know when 2.5 might come out?
We are getting the computer ready for installation.

If it would come back to Boston :frowning:

2.5 won’t be ready for siggraph. 2.47 should be, though (fingers crossed)
I’ll be at siggraph; I don’t want to pre-announce things (I’ll let Ton handle that) but there will be multiple blender-events and blender people at siggraph, so we should all have a blast :slight_smile:
ps I guess you can demo 2.50, but it’s largely a green and purple blank window in which you can split multiple workspaces… not really “blender” yet.

slik: no red??


sadly I didn’t see any red. :frowning: perhaps it’s time for a feature request?


I am just planing ahead.

I am running the current build
apricot build for real time rendering
and the yaf(a)ray build for using well yaf(a)ray.
However last one seems not to work on the PCs.
The special Blender build only produces problems.

I assume besides demos I am giving for this field
we will also use Blender as a strong 3D modeling part
inside the Studio work pipeline.

For example they laser scan an object.
Blender cleans up the mesh or you retopo the mesh
instead of using Rhino for that (yuky drape tool)

And than the data is send to the next station like 3D printing.

So. well what ever comes or happens I am sure it will be in deed a blast.