Anybody good at making storylines?

I need someone to help me with a story line for this game.the game is about to robots conflicting and they have to race up 31 floors of stairs each floor can be a completely different level or a contiuation of the last.

Well since no one else replied and I have written a few storylines before I thought I’d give it a try. I don’t really have anything to go off of though, except the name, images thus far. 31 floors? Where’d the name come from? I will try to make meaning of them anyhow…

This is what happens when you press ‘Play’...

* * * * 

The screen falls into blackness and for a moment you think, ‘is it working?'  Then a small message balloon appears in the middle of the screen, as if from someone speaking.  It reads: ‘I need to save the world.’

The message disappears and suddenly dim colorful lights can be seen moving about.  Again, you think, ‘well what do I do?' and then a bright light, your own light, blinds your vision.  Directly in lair of this new beam of light are two large numbers, 3 and 1 beside each other, making 31.

Now you can shine around.  Below these numbers is a metal door but that's not what you notice.  Shining around you see all the dim colorful lights have turned towards you and are still, unmoving.  You begin to wander about.  As you near each dim light you see they each come from a single robot, alike unto all the others.  A large egg shaped middle with two smaller side capsules, and a light at the top.  You imagine you must look the same?  Ah, but that does not matter. you must do something.
So you wander around to the door but can’t seem to do anything with it.  From the looks of it there is nothing to do, but after wandering around and seeing much of the same a robot with a dim yet somewhat brighter yellow light approaches you and says: ‘You are awake?’

You say: ‘I was not sleeping.  I need to save the world.’

‘Do not get your hopes up,’ says the robot, ‘for we have been here for so, so, <i>so</i> <i>long.’  </i>The robot turns away.

You say: ‘My hopes are already high.’

‘We all had high hopes,’ says the robot, turning to you again, ‘we all <i>had</i> them.’

You say: ‘You must have them still.’

The robot says: ‘Our charge is low and lowering every single minute we stand in this bitter darkness.  We cannot last forever.  What hope is there?’

You say: ‘My charge is full.’

‘Like I said,’ the robot informs, ‘you were sleeping.’

You say: ‘Maybe.  That I do not know.  I do know I need to save the world.’

‘From what?’
You move over to the door.
‘From this,’ you say, shining directly on the closed, solid metal door.

A note appears telling you to ram the door and after you do a few times it snaps.
You are out!  Out?  Have you not just <i>entered?</i>
Suddenly red alert lights flash up and down the shaft just outside the door.

* * * *

Now when you leave the first room you will be presented with a challenge, and once complete you will move to the next floor where you will learn some new things about this ‘shaft of floors’ that you are in and when leaving the floor you will be faced with a puzzle, or challenge to get to the next one.  Things will start to more and more get in your way and block you.  Each floor is like a resting place, to prepare you for the shaft where the red alert lights flash that you must pass through to get to the next floor.  You may be to obtain things other robots have kept secret to themselves and each floor will be something to explore, where secret parts of the game are, things the robots on each floor have done over time...

Every time you get past the challenge in the shaft the next set of alert lights for the next floor light up, and when you get to, say, the tenth floor other robots, different ones, sent from the surface will be sent down and it will get extremely intense in the last few floors.

If you stay still for too long, a message balloon appears above you.  It reads the same as the first, ‘I need to save the world.’

* * * *

When you complete the final challenge and get to the surface the first thing you notice is that you’re in a cemetery but a small shack will catch your attention.  A mirror in the shack reveals you that you look alike to all the other robots.  But that is not all you learn here... it is here that you learn the full truth.  There is a plaque that reads:

‘Here lie the Wishbots.  These robots were created by a philosopher throughout the course of his life and given to people who could not perform their own wishes before their time came, so that they could, through communicating their wishes to their Wishbot.  It is unknown how these indestructible robots were made or how they worked, however....’

...the plaque continues....

‘...after the philosopher‘s death all 310 of the robots suddenly went silent and no one could get them to function again.  They are each buried here in sealed boxes with the name’s of their predecessors written on the stones above them.  Good bye forever, Wishbots.’

Something isn’t quite right, and you know that... the truth has been hidden... they are down there... loosing charge... yet... they are... still alive.

As you go out the yellow light robot emerges from the door which you came out of, followed by all 309 other robots.

* * * *

And that is where the game ends.  It could go on, but maybe in a sequel or something.  Well it’s been about two hours since I started, hope you had fun reading it.

Never mind what I said in the first post I really like that storyline. Just a few small tweaks and its perfect, so that leaves the question of what the challenges are going to be for each of the 31 floors. I am just a little confused about the ending.

Right, I guess whoever works on the challenge for that floor makes something up, somehow built of the last floor, but idk how it would be done.

Yeah I didn’t have much time so I rushed it. Basically each floor you unlock the door and free 10 robots and at the end they all are free but still you haven’t saved the world yet so it not really a complete ending, so idk…it leaves what would happen next open.