Anybody Have a Lightwave DE?

(Xampersand) #1

Hi, I just got my Lightwave Discovery Edition in the mail. I’m not particularly interested in working in LW, but I’m wondering if anybody else has gotten this yet, and if it would be helpful for us to look at what LW can do to get ideas for future development of Blender.

So far, the only thing I see that I kind of like is the menu system. It seems to be pretty customizable.

(BgDM) #2

I actually use LW a bit. There are definitely some nice features that I would love to see implemented in Blender, (knife, bevel <-for Sgt.Squeaks :wink: , etc.). There have been many threads on this subject already though.

Lets just let the guys get Blender compiled and running and then we can see what to do after that.


(Nahtanoj) #3

I’m still waiting for my copy to arrive in the post but I’d say it will take a while.

Maybe all that stuff will be implemented in blender by the time I get my copy. Then I wouldn’t have to learn a new interface. No harm in looking at other 3d apps though, to see what we can add to blender :slight_smile:

(joecool) #4

I ‘asked’ for mine today
How long did it take for you to get yours?

(kevin3d) #5

i had to ask for one more than once…but i finally got it.

(Xampersand) #6

I got mine in about 10 days, with only one request.

(joecool) #7

ok, did it come in a box? or just the cd?
Just wondering. Thanks for telling me about it! :stuck_out_tongue:

(kevin3d) #8

Mine came in a envelop, if I remember correctly. It was obviously burned on a “low-end” system…the label was home-made…not very slick at all. I actually liked that…very blenderesq. 8)

(Xampersand) #9

Mine came in a regular, white, cd mailer. It’s got a little intro bit that gives some pretty nice looking examples of LW work.

It is low-end media, with a homemade label, but overall, a very nice production.

(mthoenes) #10

I asked for mine many weeks ago, Maye 5 or 6 weeks… I think it is time to ask again.

(Nahtanoj) #11

Maybe I should ask for another one its been 2 weeks since I asked for my copy.

Since it took 10 days for yours to come Xampersand its probably a good idea for me to double that with regular post so I should have it in a week :slight_smile: