anybody have comic strip ideas?

hey fellahs:

i do a comic strip for the weekly memo of my school…it’s called “kid’s these days” and it’s basically got a peanuts sortof cast.

however, sometimes i can’t come up with ideas every week (yeah i know, it’s terrible but i’ve been really busy and most times i just don’t think of it). so if you can help me out some by letting me in on one of those ideas where you thought, “ooh that would make a good comic strip!”.

thanks - and keep in mind that it must be PG humor. sorry, sago. :wink:

EDIT - keep in mind that it will be a four-panel strip or at most 8 panels (or frames). it can’t be a long story; it needs simple setup and then a punch line. but any idea is ok as long as can be condensed to this.

You might want to drop that apostrophe before an English teacher sees it. :wink:

um i don’t know if that’d make a great comic strip…:wink:

but yeah that’s actually a typo. you picky plantperson. if it really is bothering you i can change it. :slight_smile:

so these kids are outside, and a ufo comes down and hits them with a death ray, and these dogs come up and then run away, and the aliens come out, but they are funny guys, shaped like doughnuts, and they start hitting each other with little rubber bats, untill they are unconcious, and the space ship is still sitting there hovering in the air, but then it runs out of space gas and it crashes and burns down the woods behind the school, and these little doughnut people wake up and they pick up there little rubber bats and run inside the space ship, to get the heck out of there, but it wont run, because i already told you they ran out of gas, so then they come out, of the ship and start beating people with these really tiny rubber bats, but it really hurts the people becuase the bats are small but even a small rubber bat can hurt, once i hit my self with a bag or broccoli, and it was funny, but then i had all these little bruises on my arm, and stuff, and a lump on my head, it was funny, not as funny as the time i was at work and these big boss guys were coming into visite, they owned the store, so everyone was really afraid, and we all were trying to keep everything clean and neat for these big guys, and i was working with a really old man he was about 70, and i told him, as a joke, hey the manager of the store said that when the big bosses come in we have to go up and say “its great to meet you, and shake his hand, and then say my name is blah blah”. he was like oh hell no i’m not doing that crap, they can kiss my ass, you see its funny because the manager never said that, i just wanted to see this guy look like a ass kissing fool, so he says no, i’m not doing that crap, and then these big bussiness men walk in, and they looked neat in there happy suites, and this balding 70 year old man runs up and says, hey great to meet you, my name is Gary, i was laughing so hard, what a sell out, he told me later that he was walking over there anyway and it would be rude if he didnt say anthing, i was like yeah right, dont tell me that crap, you sold out hard dude…

great! i’ll use it in next week’s memo!

what about all of the kids playing Catch with a Shovel!
then the game gets out of conrtol when the main character gets pissed because he lost and started playing against the rules and soon, nobody has teeth and everyone has pieces of shovel lodged in their heads!

Word of advice. Do not ask these people for anything serious. :stuck_out_tongue:

indeed. and i don’t normally take them seriously…
but this is just in case someone happens to go against the norm. :wink:
maybe i should just browse these forums and get ideas from that…:stuck_out_tongue:

How about this:
There is a guy (or gal) in a CG or art class using a computer. Instead of paying attention to the lesson, the person logs onto a forum somewhere “out there”. As the discussion continues on the forum, our student begins drawing mental pictures of what the posters may look like. As the conversations continue, the mental images are revised and redrawn. This continues for a while until the student is snapped back into reality by a chalk dust filled blackboard eraser hurled by the instructor from across the room. At this point, the student’s thought bubble breaks, and a drawing of the posters drifts down to his desk.
He probably should get a good mark on the drawing though :slight_smile:

Do something about txt speek, cell phones, aol, emos, internet stalkers, enviromentalists, democrats, and microsoft.

pixelmass - neat concept perhaps, but look at the edit on my first post…sorry i forgot to mention that it’s a four-panel strip.:o

orion119net - good topic ideas, thanks! any more-specific uses of them?

here’s a comic that i did once for the memo…it went a little off the theme but it’s not really a set theme anyways. it’s black and white in the memo, but i scanned it and colored it in gimp to see how it would look:
anyways this should give you a sampling of my work and my sense of humor. i’ll post more if you’d like.

The frame limit is really not a problem. Simply start the story and continue, it will keep the viewers interested. Good luck!

I think that comic wins…

pixelmass - ok yeah. i don’t think i’d use that specific setting (just various audience reasons) but i’ll definitely be thinking about that kind of idea…it really is an interesting idea. like it could even be used like someone talking on the phone and picturing the person to be something that’s completely different from how the person actually looks…hmmm…:wink:

orion119net - i think that’s a compliment but i’m not exactly sure what you mean by “wins”. :slight_smile:

Have you seen ask a ninja?

You could have “Ask a Rotting Corpse” and have the same pannel copied and pasted several times with the corpse missing a different limb each panel(and in the next panel the previous limb could be duct-taped on :p)


Yeah, its a compliment. :stuck_out_tongue:

magiciandude: thats a great idea!

well i don’t know how that would translate well into a comic…and not many people would get it, cuz that was the first time i heard about it…what about


…uh i hope you get that one. :stuck_out_tongue:

edit - if you don’t get it watch this:

The zombie kat stikes again! Yey!

You can also get some excellent ideas here…they have some hilarious comics!