Anybody here from India? :)

Did anyone follow the RIL AGM today, and the bombshell announcements, one after the other, from Mukesh Ambani? :slight_smile: What are your plans for the near future NOW? :slight_smile:

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i’m from india. those are not just bombshell, those bombs contain nuclear for airtel and idea.

Yeah, well…the telcos are really not Your concern :slight_smile: This “VR headset”, all that AR stuff, and “Set top box which will let you game with some “good” GPU built in”, even HOLOGRAMS for God’s sake (which btw I’ve never seen) - what’re you planning to do about all this, Srikanth? :slight_smile: What’re your plans?? :slight_smile:

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It would seem, where does India, nuclear bombs, knowledge of English, and Google translator?