Anybody know any good tips to stay concentrated?

During college every single day I told myself, I can’t wait till the holidays so I can concentrate on learning Blender and other things, because I finally have no assignments.

But now I am off till the 7th of January and most of the time all I do is look at memes on YouTube, I tab out sometimes to read a bit about Blender but then I end up on YouTube most of the time.

Is there a way to force yourself to learn as much as possible?

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Have you tried just following a tutorial? Like a video tutorial, but actually follow along?

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Oh yeah I have no problem with that, even with timelapses I put it at 0.25 speed and just pause it and analyse it, however for me it doesn’t feel like I’m learning anything, all your doing is just putting in the values they tell you.

So I decided I would first understand everything first like modifiers and all that, right now I’m reading a book and its taught me all about the generate modifiers now its talking about deform modifiers, I’m on chapter 8 I think and there’s around 26 chapters.

The books going in chronological order, like this.

Yeah, some tutorials you learn more than others. Sometimes I find myself learning a very specific thing that I wonder when I’ll be able to use it again. Sometimes I get so frustrated with how Blender does something that I don’t talk to it for a while.

Just reading about Blender and trying to learn everything is not going to be very productive IMO. But it can be interesting. You need to have a project where you come across problems and then solve them by looking for answers.

I did something similar with the Array modifier. I had used it before, but I went through and I tried to see what all the different values did.

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I think maybe today I’ll try reading again but instead of looking at memes or something on YouTube I’ll look at tutorials by Ducky3D or CGMatter or something.

I’ll try and create an infinite loop of that.

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I don’t think you can / should force yourself, what about trying to make a little game and learn all that is needed for that all along ?
You can learn about all the modifiers but at the end of the day you’ll end up using only 30% of them regularly , 20% once a year and some of them you may never find a use case in your whole carrier.
Of course if you want to specialise in parametric modeling, or being a technical artist you may need to know them all.

At the end of the day, knowing all the 3D software doesn’t imply that you are a good artist, it’s alway better to master a few tools and know to do a lot of things with them.

Once you enjoy what you are doing (and that’s the beauty of personal projects) it’s way funnier and you don’t pay attention to all the hours you put together to get a result.


Oh well for me i think that learning everything about Blender is more harder than learning everything in Unreal Engine, I’m a perfectionist and I want to do everything to the best of my ability.

For me I find no interest in people or pets, I love nobody and I don’t expect to be loved by anybody, however I love learning about game design.

I also like to learn about free programs like Blender, Krita and Davinci Resolve because I don’t like the ideas of having to pay to learn something, knowledge and the ability to learn should be for all.

Plus it gives me a rush, knowing I am challenging myself.

If I ever do become rich someday I’ll probably just live all by myself, teach myself a whole lot more, make music and just play the electric guitar, thats my dream.

Being separated from people who use the words ‘cute’ ‘adorable’ and ‘love’ sounds like a paradise to me.

You probably will find like people on here. 3D is a challenge. I don’t get why you say Blender is harder than Unreal Engine. I used to have pets, they can be demanding but they give you a lot in return.

The idea of everyone sharing knowledge and resources is a good one and one that I think the world is embracing now.

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Working with people is kinda cool, doing everything alone is kind of pointless if you want to do something big.

You come here to ask questions so you may not be as anti-social as you pretend to be…


still, you merely replaced one distraction for another
then do the chapter on blender that even thinking about doing it ‘kills’ you
challenge to discipline self and you might hopefully soon realize how much little you know and time you have to really create something that will satisfy your true self
see, it’s not just the tool but the process in whole… research-study-work-create; rinse-repeat, break-fix… and all along imagination will surely play tricks on you, so my principle advise is to tame self - quiet the mind - kill ego! t’is the first death…

… of eternal life

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The only way I can become concentrated is to concentrate only one thing.


Not sure if it helps you but a funny way to learn blender after you have the basics is to try follow an tutorial in “realtime”. I done that sometimes with tutorials from polygon runway. Push it to a second monitor and try make it while watching without stopping, just skip an see what comes out :smiley:

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Oof good idea but I only have 1 monitor lol.

If you get more into blender get a second one, i just have a 15" as second, but it is a huge different. Blender can handle multiple screens and/or you can get an overview or preview screen, or just fill it with the outliner.

added: Oh, it’s a 17", old monitors became so small if you get a bigger one :thinking:

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Nice my monitor is a 24 inch lol, I think its a zowie or something, its got 60 hz refresh rate and I tried searching for the model but all the new ones have a higher refresh rate lol.

Catch a fly with chopsticks

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Eating well is a good way to concentrate after it .

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My advice is to keep things quite. No Noise, no music, shut the door, shut the window. Life is better when working without music or noise. So is the grocery store, and the library. There should be no music or sounds. Maybe your fan or AC is O.K.


i don’t know if there is an easy answer, for me I try to take things in small manageable goals. like don’t try to make the next thing so beyond the pale of fabulous if that is not where you are at. Just try to make it a bit better then before. also whenever possible find what is fun for you and put some time there.

Actually I was thinking the same thing today, to split the work (generally anything) into small manageable chunks that makes it easier to focus and accomplish.

So concentration is mostly a matter of avoiding complex thinking.