Anybody know good ways to motivate yourself to wake up?

Recently I lost taste in all other music and now the only song I connect with and wake up instantly to is this.

My problem is that sometimes I like to imagine I am Sherlock Holmes, I close my eyes and imagine what I am going to do next, but I can’t imagine it exactly and thats what keeps me in bed, I also research games design in my head

Anybody have any motivational images that have been made in Blender, so then when I close my eyes I can imagine it clearly and motivate myself to wake up and make something that will compete with it?

By motivational I don’t mean something that says “don’t worry the world is here for you” I want people to show me something that says “look at what I’ve made, you’ll never get to my level if you just carry on closing your eyes like that and doing nothing with your life” I need a raging fire inside me to wake me up.

What time do you guys set your alarm by the way? I set mine at 06:00 lol

In this order. I’m just picking up modeling but these songs inspire me. The world is here for anyone who is aware of it.

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Save this one for last

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