Anybody know of a highly RIGGED bikini girl for blender 2.49?

I’ve been unable to find any real blender “bikini girl” for my needs, and I’m pretty much fed up with manually trying to move and rotate vertices to position a limb. Everything I can find won’t work with blender, or at least the rigging won’t import. (.obj files.) I’m using the old blender 2.49, and the figure needs to actually work rigging-wise. Preferably with as many rigging points as possible, since it’s going to be a sort of contortionist posing. Also - light muscle definition on the abdomen would be appricatated, a nude option would be nice, but I can do without it, and no heels or shoes (or at least removable ones) is pretty much a requirement. Budget is ideally “free,” or at least low cost. It doesn’t need to be photo-realistic or anything, a thousand polygons (or less) would be plenty, just correctly proportioned. (I’m a thousand miles away from remotely being able to make something like that myself.)

Sorry if I seem to be demanding, I just don’t know where to look, and everything I’ve seen won’t work in blender, or costs so much I’m not willing to buy it to find out. There just doesn’t seem to be anything to find.


Did you try makehuman? ( you can get characters created rigged to blender, and it’s free

Unfortunately it seems both makrhuman and demands newer blender versions. What keeps you staying with 2.49?

Why not use something like DAZ3D (free), then use the DAE exporter/importer to get it into Blender (is there a reasonable dae importer in 2.49?). Gives you mesh and rig for free!
Otherwise you may have to do what most people do, which is import obj/create the character, then add a rig (blender rig, pitchipoy, blenrig5, etc).

All absolutely free!

Watch this, is a file, which I have in my archive, it’s not my model, and I don’t remember who it was the author. It is an old file from the year 2000.



not sure why you stick to older version of blender (dont like speed improvements of recent ones?).
i’d go for the latest, and then use this adon :

its like a makehuman inside blender, they are improved models working verrry good with blender.
as for the bikini, you might paint them on the models, if you want something specific i can make you something based upon it let me know.

Thanks for all the help. The thing is, despite using this program for years, I actually don’t know what 80% of the program does. All I’ve ever used it for is for making objects (bridges, buildings, a barge once) for use in games. Everything I’ve made is for that use. I’m a drafter, not an artist. And what I do know is entirely related to making game objects (and simple ones too, from a difficulty standpoint). Everything is “make object, translate, rotate, UV mapping, and (recently) set smooth.” I gave up years ago trying to figure out the rendering engine, since nothing seemed to make sense, and I didn’t need it anyway. I don’t even know how to view textures inside blender! (Which doesn’t seem to matter much, since the last time I saw them inside blender, they didn’t remotely correspond to what they would look like in the game, and that was frankly more important. The only modes i know any controls or functionality in at all is edit mode and object mode.

I plan to take what is really a ‘mesh’ and put in into a game to see what it looks like, even though the game doesn’t have any dynamic lighting, or built in shadows! (You can add shadows, but I’m not sure if they darken the shadowed side of the model, or simply affect only the ground. It’s simply all I know how to do. As for updating, It was hard enough learning a user-hostile interface, and (I’ve been under the impassion newer versions completely redesigned it) don’t want to go through the trouble of learning it all over again. I also recently discovered just how much I don’t know. Just a quick question - how do you tell if a model is rigged or not? (What mode to you use them in?) For all I know the one I’m using now might be. And what file formats support importing rigging in the first place?

Thanks again!