anybody know what i am doing wrong? blend file included

For some reason i can’t load my blend files for you to see. I use to be able to do it, now I get a error every time I try. I enclosed a pic though of a plank though of the issue I am having. I used an hdr image for environment that was 10k. I used default settings from crazy-bump for my normal maps, specular, occlusion and displacement. I also subdivide 10 times then use the displacement so my geometry is workable. any tutorials you guys may know, so I can get a photo-realistic render? I have used Andrews Price realistic texture and that is what I am using and I am getting this result with crazy bump default settings and a render of 1200 samples. [ATTACH=CONFIG]315462[/ATTACH]

should I then learn to composite using color correction and RGB curves?

You need to get the nodes and lighting before you start compositing. At the very least post the nodes for the wood, better yet pack your textures and opload to pasteall.

Couple possibilities:
The image texture node for the normal map should be set to ‘non color data’
The normal map node should go into every shader with a normal input.
Add a key mesh light ( a plane with an emission material) have it at about a 45 degree to the camera off on one side.

Post the blend.

You hven’t said what part of the result is unsatisfactory, and the reason you can’t post your blend is probably the HDR. Use although they have a limit too it’s higher.

I’m trying to get a photo realistic render. does anybody know if my set up is wrong? [ATTACH]315540[/ATTACH]

The image texture you choose, imo, doesn’t look real, so it’s not going to help much. It’s also very low resolution, so you’ll see blurring when zoomed in. I downloaded a plywood texture from cgtextures it’s packed in this blend.

I simplified the nodes, only using color,normal and spec to adjust the roughness of the glossy. Get those in a way you like and then start mixing in the other maps.

The faces of your mesh need to be nearly perfect squares for the displace modifier to work correctly. Typically you add a subsurf above the displace, and the level of the subsurf affects the resolution of the displaced geometry. When I use displace I usually turn the normal map way down.

I added a preview env,. lighting image from sibl, and killed the sun and added three mesh lights (planes with an emission material)

Take a look at the uv map, which was unwrapped using active quads.

You want to turn up the preview samples, 10 is too low I set it to 500, which seems fine for this scene. Anyways have a look if you’d like.

I really should have used a bevel, instead of tightening the mesh with loops. Oh well.

Packed blend (dropbox)

(includes a cgtexture, and an env lighting from sibl)

Thanks so much. I really needed to be lead into the right direction. I’ve been using Blender for 7 months and I love it but, I can’t get the textures right so my projects look bad, My modeling is getting better though. thanks again, i will try this.

is there away you can send me the blend file so I can see your nodes? Also, you said I should use displacement first then subdivide? I was using subdivide first to get the extra geometry for the displacement.

The link to the blend was in post #5

oops, sorry that link was to sibl, here’s the packed blend