Anybody know what's going on with 2.47

The final builds were under way when came a “show stopper” : inverted dRot that was breaking backward compatibility but it wasn’t anything hard or long to fix, or it seemed by reading the messages on bf-committers. Yet all felt silent on that front.

So? Any news?


P.S. I personally hope that the goal for that version is being revised, that it won’t be just a bugfix + new snaps and that it’ll include some of the development that is mature and…
I can dream can’t I ?

[speculation]…AFAIK, there have been a couple of last-minute bugs they decided to fix (BF committers readings) and maybe also they are waiting to release it with Apricot… bottom line, maybe in a couple of weeks we will see 2.47 out[/speculation]

That would be great because it has great features but also because I feel that the Apricot (and GSoC ?) version might be the last before 2.5 which could take some time to come out.


Again… AFAIK, 2.47 will be mainly Apricot build… and some rumors suggest that will be a 2.48 for GSoC developments. and hopefully after that… real efforts would be put to 2.50 version.