anybody knows of a language teaching program that ONLY teaches written language?

I’m tired of the fact that practically all of the good language program I’ve found requires being able to listen and speak. I’m deaf myself and are not willing to pay extra $$$ for a software that is primarly a speaking language program.

I know that there are some program with voices but still allow us to learn written languages but I would still be shelling out extra $$$ for features that I just can’t use.

I’ve been interested in learning japanese, spanish, and a few other language if possible.

just wondering if anybody here had any experience with what I’m looking for.

hmmm. try pdfs of school text books, or even real school text books. it’ll be 100% written. drive to you local college and check their book store. you might check online first to see if they offer courses in the languages you want. look for reviews of language textbooks and see how good they are for self learners.

A good place to look might be a used book store. Teach yourself language books used to be pretty common pre-CD days. Of course, they would all have a section up front about how to pronounce the language, and other spoken language tips scattered throughout the text.

Unless you want to learn Latin, I doubt that any language program would be exclusively for reading and writing rather than some combination of reading, writing and speaking.

If you’re interested in reading Japanese I would suggest you start here,

Ironically, Japanese is considered the hardest language for an English speaker to learn to read. Not to sure about a person who doesn’t speak. This is mainly because English has no kanji, and Japanese uses them differently from Chinese (stupid different). This site helps bridge the gap by making it easy for people of other languages to learn the Kanji.

Actually, the site is a supplement to the method by a man known as James Heisig. I’ve been applying this method for 2.5 months and I already know over 1000 kanji. That’s roughly the equivalent of 6 years of study by a Japanese student:eek:.

well I uses asl (american sign language) which uses gestures to describe an object such as how kanji might describe an object or concept (though asl do follow english grammer somewhat)? I’m not sure but i think it might be somewhat similar in that respect. I wouldn’t mind learning how to speak Japanese (I can speak good english) but i prefer to learn written version first since it is easier for me. and I do read a whole lot of translated manga so it would be nice to be able to read the original to see what got lost in the translation lol