Anybody need some head base meshes?

Hey guys, I just figured out how to make a half decent head with box modeling!
As of recently I decided to try free sculpting my characters and then over meshing it with one that has good topology. Turns out, your sculpting goes much nicer if you already have OK topology… wow…that seems useless right? But then I modeled a couple heads and didn’t’ care about detail or anything…just OK topology. Take them into sculpt mode…PRESTO! I can customize them to any style I’m looking for with minimal hassle.
Now it occurred to me what if someone out ther just can’t wrap their head around the initial modeling with OK topology…are they doomed to wander through blender akwardness for a while?! NO! Here’s the base meshes I made. The male one is cartoony and the female one has more realistic proportions. But both of them can be morphed into the opposite gender. Here’s some screenshots of the meshes:)

If you pull off something cool with these…post it!
Found something wrong with the mesh?
Fix it and post the improved version…or just point it out and let someone else figure it out:)
Without further ado…the base meshes zip files! dramatic echo
Head Base (174 KB)

Nice work. It can be used as a good starter form.

I do like to see some definition on ear geometry though. That’s one place where one can end up with lots of mesh you know.

As for male and female head, there really is not that big difference. Male face feature tends to be more hard lined where as female more rounded. Other then that, it have more to do with hairiness. Here is composite photo of two cousins. Whats the difference?

Hey thanks Ridix. I really was planning on it being a spring board to help someone get started on an idea quickly . As for ears…they are a right pain in the butt. If you know any good ear tutorials let me know. And that pic you posted… man that is strange…I keep looking at it! It’s getting stranger all the time! Aaaaaah! (BTW, did you make that yourself? It looks like professional Photoshop to me.)

Saved creation time for , can be more eeffcient by adding the base neck :wink:
Thank you really

Saved a lot of time for me , can be more efficient by adding the base neck , :wink:
Thank you really

Thanks, Mr. Knuckles. Partly, I can’t wrap my head around this, but I’m also too lazy to keep at it long enough to figure it out.

Let me know if you ever need help with rigging.

No ears? LOL
However, always trying for really low poly quads under retopology (friendly to the multires dinosaur)
Some important loops, missing from your solutions.
We all try for evenly distributed quads, as possible. Always failing.
Good work!