Anybody notice ResPower's going to carry Blender?

I was just out surfing around and noticed that ResPower’s got a pretty big banner up that says they’re going to support Blender soon. I wonder how they’re going to price it… 700 computers YAFRAY’ing away - can’t wait!

ResPower Render Farm

– neil

yeah, but from all i could gather, the site isn’t free. :-?

clearly, they are coders and not designers…that is an ugly lookin’ site, man…

Yeah, not free :frowning: Hopefully they don’t price it like they do for commercial software - there’s no way I could afford that!

No, but look at those render times! An animation project I’m working will clock in at around 7000 frames. It’d take about seventeen days to render on the machine I have available. ResPower could do it in under a minute. :o

Is that worth $175? I’m not sure. I guess it depends on how much $ you have floating aruond, and whether or not you use your computer to make $ already. If so, having it locked for 17 days might be a bit of bummer.

if you maske money with 3d animation it is worth the money when you do not do just some small projects. but the still renderings which could take also more than few hours are around some cents.


Loving my day off from work - I’m an animator for a small advertising firm from New Orleans. We mostly use 3dsmax and have used ResPower before - great guys, unbelievably fast renders. It usually takes more time to download the frames than to render them!

Anyway, I just followed the link that the hurdy-gurdy man posted, and it looks like ResPower’s pre-announcing their pricing. Looks like a subscription deal where you pay $20 a month and render all-you-want! That’s got me thinking about switching over to blender. Why stick with 3dsmax? It’s sooo expensive, and there’s no unlimited rendering from ResPower for it!

You could always use the money you would spend on the rendering fee to buy several old computers on eBay and make a render farm. That’s what I’m planning to do with older Macs (and maybe a few PC’s, what the hell).

Hi guenevere_rags2, from a Blenderer in Houma.

Sure, and how much you’ll pay for the electricity?


Sure, and how much you’ll pay for the electricity?[/quote]

Yeah, that has occurred to me. But you wouldn’t have to run your render farm all the time, just when you need it. I haven’t put mine together yet, so I couldn’t tell you what the hit on electricity would be.

Well, I have a renderfarm and the cost for setup, maintenance and electricity is hi, this is why sometimes makes sense to hire a service like Respower, you don’t have to deal with the machines getting old and is tax deducible.

boxes age quick … you can get 10% of investment back if you sell old parts though.


You could always use the money you would spend on the rendering fee to buy several old computers on eBay and make a render farm.

For $20/mo, it works out to what, $240/yr? How many old computers r u going to get on eBay for that? RP has 700 computers! Even if I only got to half of them for a few minutes a day, it’d be better than what I can buy on e-bay! Granted, I wouldn’t own any computers after the deal was done, but then I live in a shotgun and can’t really fit that many boxes anyways. See y’all lata.

Yo! Oddly I’ve never made it over to Houma. How bad were you guys hit by that beeeyotch Katrina? It’s really nasty over here - all the old oaks are dead, everything’s covered in mud and c*[email protected]#. Garbage service is terrible. Over half of the people I know haven’t come back - the few I’ve been able to get in touch with say they aren’t coming. Miserable.

the problem might be when to many people use this special deal and the renderfarm is blocked, but i doupt that in many production areas people will use those internet based systems. we are talking here about final renderings. what about the pre renderings?


Yeah, I was worried about that when we first tried ResPower out a while back. They actually have some sort of timeslicing algorithm. For example, when we submitted our job, there was actually a big job in the queue ahead of us. We were really worried that we wouldn’t get any computers, but the farm split itself in half. Even with just half of the farm, it still kicked butt and saved mine! :stuck_out_tongue:

well lets see how this will go.

i am glad to see they support maya, i might pass that to our students.