Anybody see Fringe?

“Excellent! Let’s make some LSD!”

Heard about it a lot, you just reminded me I forgot to see the preview for the thing…

Was it good? Generic? Overly dramatic? Or good? lol…

It was pretty good! It kinda feels like an X-Files knockoff, but I like that stuff so I enjoyed it.

Never seen X-Files, but I like the theme and setting in the commercials for the Fringe. Should see it when it comes on again.

:eek: How old are you?

And you know you can see the pilot episode for free on


la dee da…

i`ve seen it.
pretty decent acting, somewhat good-ish story (i mean it fills out a night), very good camera work. i especialy liked the embedded texts. its not a spoiler, you know what i mean when you see it.
however the aeroplane beginning was a bit cheesy.
if you like the tension from lost, and the somewhat predictable storyline from the x-files then this is for you. its a perfect merge of those two. its a light, enjoyable pilot. i would rate it four out of five stars.

I’m not really into TV at the moment.

Yeah it was somewhat cheesy but I thought it was pretty freaky when the one guy’s jaw starts falling off in the plane.

I was entertained. The crazy scientist guy was the best part. He had some great lines. The worst part was the 3D text. It looked gaudy and out of place so it distracted from the atmosphere of the show.
Overall it looks like a show that has potential.

I nearly freaked out when I saw that lower jaw falling… man, don’t eat your pizza if you’re going to watch this show in the first ten minutes, it’s gross… it really is…

But I like the show and I can’t wait to find out what’s really going on with this “company” and their (?) nano bot virus.

Also, I’m hereby predicting that Anna Torv and Joshua Jackson will get an in-show relationship.

btw. Does someone know what happened to the cow?

Highly entertaining, fantastic camera work, alright story that has potential to be great(I think), and pretty good acting all around.

I’m excited for next week’s episode, I can really see myself getting into this show!

EDIT: The cow’s still watching spongebob…

What? Are you talking about a TV show I’ve never heard about? And now that some people mention a guy jaw falling off disgustingly… I probably don’t want to see it, LOL.

I just watched the pilot. It was fantastic! I enjoyed the X-Files and I think this show has great potential.

I watched it. It was OK. I liked the scientist character a lot. I liked his kid. I liked the woman for the most part. I did not like several things:


  1. The fact that the advanced technology in this (I’m assuming here) not-too-distant-future universe keeps coming off to the characters who live in this universe as shocking, before they realize that, oh yeah… this is the future… I forgot, teehee.

  2. The references to the ‘pattern’. It’s great that they have an overall story idea for the series, but they’ve basically forced the show to be that plot with every episode. The X-Files was easy to like because they would often to just some random crazy episode. This show looks like it will be dead serious and always say on plot points, which is just tedious after a season or two. That aspect is less ‘X-Files’ and more like 24, BSG, Prison Break, and god knows what other shows out there. I don’t watch TV normally, so I don’t know all of them. I know I can’t ever get into any of them cause if I manage to take the time to veiw one of them I end up totally lost on half of what I’m seeing. These shows are for die-hard TV watchers who watch every episode of every show they watch. Bad.

  3. The bad-guy was contrived BS. OMG it was the side effect of a chemical reaction! This dude did it! GET HIM!

  4. The ‘twist’ was even more contrived, and not foreshadowed at all. It just happened. There was no trace of anything strange. I mean… She can find out what a guy looked like with this procedure, but not the other thing? She and that other agent work with him for supposedly years and years, and they never notice him murdering people or doing strange things?

  5. The preview for the second episode looked like 80% crap. There was a guy going for the Agent Smith role, but with a less-cool suit and a laughably cheesy 50’s spy movie hat. The guy looked like an old Bond villain more than a super-secret agent of a shadowy ethereal organization that may or may not have anything to do with the ‘pattern’. The remainder was people saying dark and puzzling things, and the obvious “omg you’re not really dead… or are you?” cell-phone bit… In fact, it all looked like some kind of sequel to the first episode, without even a hint of what the next ‘Fringe’ element would be, aside from the joke about getting warped to another dimension, haha. I guess I’m a jaded TV watcher.

I dunno… lots of bad to drag down the awesome scientist guy. They should have focused the whole damn series on him. him and his kid are the best characters in the show, in my opinion. The rest are meh…

I FINALLY got the chance to see it. It was pretty good, I like the concept of the thing as a whole, but I have to disagree with the (overly- I would say, no offense!) critical Squiggly, I think this would leave a lot of different plots, if done right. They could discover many new elements of this “Fringe” science, with an overall battle with the mysterious corporation and the FBI. Like 24, maybe new enemies would emerge, and new stakes would be set, though destroying the world is kinda hard to beat. However, it did have its downsides, like a little cheesy action type things, your old generic car chase, and a few out of place moments. However, I’d like to add the fact that no pilot is perfect and the critics might help it change to be better. Like Treven, I think it does have great potential. I’ll stick with it, for now.

Oh yeah, almost forgot!

Just because I can.


oooo does it have zombies in it?

No :wink:

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Neither I, since a long time.