Anybody try OS X 10.2.5?

Hello, all!

Just wondering if anyone’s tried OS X 10.2.5 and Blender. Normally I wouldn’t think it’d make a bit of difference to blender, but one of the things that got updated was OS X’s implementation of OpenGL.

Maybe something good…
…maybe something bad…

Anyone out there tried it yet or will I be the first in about 3 hours? :slight_smile:


Post what you think of Blender in Jaguar here. I am curious to know if there is any improvement in Blender’s performance as I still am using OSX 10.1.5.

Well, I have been running blender on Jaguar since I first started with it using 2.25, so I can’t compare vs. 10.1.5.

On my G4/800 PowerBook blender is very snappy, with excellent response unless I have a huge model loaded and I’m rotating it with Z-buffer enabled.

I have experienced very few crashes that weren’t my fault somehow, and am otherwise quite happy with the program.

Hope this helps!



Well, looks like I’m going boldly where no man…

Anyway: the only difference I can see thus far in 10.2.5 blender is that the annoying behavior of switching to a block color & black gobledygook image when your mouse leaves a viewport in face select mode. Yes, it still flashes for a moment, but it returns to a proper OpenGL preview almost instantly.

Now to go and try and compile under the updated framework…