Anybody use marvelous designer ?

Just wondering, plus how is the workflow with blender.
When i import the .obj to blender should i bake the normals
then decimate ?

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what is marvelous designer?

I know that many artists with Cinema4D use it. There is a video for the workflow:

Also many artists who make interior visualisation use it for pillows, bed covers and so on. I have no experience with it.

You know, I made a nearly identical thread on here. Apparently not many people are using it with Blender. It looks incredibly promising.

There using it over at kojima :slight_smile:
Just wondering if anybody got any tips for using them in blender.

I have used it with poser, DONT try decimate it will mess up
best way to reduce polys or just make it a nice clean mesh would be re toppo
depending on cloth item its maybe easier to just model it yourself