anybody use prismacolors?

I do a lot of drawing, and i bought a set. you know, to color with.

but for the life of me, i can’t figure out how to blend them.

anyone have any tips on blending prismalcolors? (the markers, not the pencils)

use a bleedproof paper (about $1 NZD a sheet, very very expensive) this will mean the pens are not soaked into the paper so quick, and they don’t follow the grain of the paper.

then draw fast, keep a wet edge where you are drawing, this will get rid of streaks and make a flat block of area, yes it will use lots of your ink, but i assure you its how its done.

buy a blank blending pen if you want, its got no pigment in it, just the solvent, wet the area you want to blend, and then whack in your new colour (or vice versa.)

its all about keeping it wet. they are really not ideal for blending, but they are good for block colour areas.

for highlights on your drawing use a white chalk type pencil, correction pens, or soft coloured pencils.

you can use chalk pastels with a bit of cotton wool and (can’t remember if its water or a solvent) water to create effects of surface.

we use the pens you are talking about all the time at uni, they are never used on their own, they are always used in conjunction with fibre tipped pens, or coloured pencils (black coloured pencil is better to use for linework than any on the B/H scale as its not graphite)


Thanks man, I’ve already got a couple of blenders (came as an extra; got the markers off ebay factory sealed.) but whenever i use them it ends up bleaching the colors. Any fixes for this?

dunno sorry, never used the blenders :stuck_out_tongue:

just never bothered trying to blend the colours since it as a hassle.

the way we do it is we have 2-3 pens ranging from dark to light (of the same colour) and just do it that way.

water based pens are better for blending, and the paper does play more of a role than the pens when blending spirit markers


Eh, i’m trying to blend two colors. I found a peice of plate glass that i use to cut stencils out on (actually i melt out stencils. it’s too easy to screw up a curved line with a knife) & since the marker bleeds through the computer paper (i’m cheap) but doesn’t get absorbed into the glass, it seems to work.

thanks for the help so far.

so what exactly are you trying to do with the markers? images?