Anybody using the Peppermint Linux OS?

I’m unhappy with Fedora 12 and am considering this Peppermint distro. Seems OK running on a live CD, even includes a ready-made link to install Blender. Can’t tell which version of Blender, though.

Why am I abandoning Fedora 12? I’m having serious performance problems, specifically in Blender, that weren’t there in Fedora 9. Extremely sluggish performance in file operations and the Blender VSE. Nothing has changed on my admittedly ancient box (Dell Precision 650 workstation with 2 single-core 2.8 ghz Xeon CPUs) so it’s gotta be the OS.

Thanks for any advice. I’m also going to try the Ubuntu LiveCD.

Do you have a graphics card in there? Maybe it doesn’t like the updated drivers?

you may want to try Linux Mint. Same deal as peppermint linux with most things preinstalled but last time I heard it was the number 2 distro behind Ubuntu.

It works out of the box with all codecs etc. and has a very large user base. I’ve never had any Blender issues while using it.

I can’t speak to the merits or demerits of Peppermint, but I can second the recommendation for Linux Mint if you choose to go the Ubuntu route. I run it on my desktop and have found Blender preternaturally fast (then again, my previous OS was Windows XP); it is basically Ubuntu, but is faster to get up and running out of the box (e.g. no installing proprietary codecs, etc.).


Thanks for the input. I’ll try the Mint liveCD and see how I like it.

And Mint gets the nod. Seems to be good so far. A little different, but I was sold when it auto-detected my Nvidia graphics card and offered to use the proprietary drivers.