Anybody want a 5.1 sound design?

If you have some animation that needs sound let me know? for free ofcourse.

[email protected] :eyebrowlift2:

This sounds like a scam to get people to send them their animations, so Bob can use them in ways their creators would not approve of.

Unless “Bob Macaroni” informs us about this “free sound design”?

i’d like to see/hear some of your work first.


Eek, exe file. Mars I imagine you wouldn’t post anything malicious. Unless you want to teach the guy a lesson :expressionless:


Then how on earth will Bob ever be able to edit the video and audio of your animation, assuming he is legit? Unless video and audio are easy to extract in a usable format, which I doubt.


Well, it’s possible to add an audio track (or several) using the RAD Video Tools. You can also use it to convert the file to AVI, individual frames, etc.

But hey, he said Nevermind :stuck_out_tongue:

hey mars. I did mean that i would create all the sound (not just convert stereo into 5.10, but i didnt explain very well. So yes, i’ll have a look at your animation and get back to you soon. i dont know what that other guy is on about but im not scamming anyone.

i had a look at your idea. any ideas on what sounds you want.

yeah any chance of getting the avi or similar?


ok then cool.

no i dont think i need the blend file just the avi. ill be workin in pro tools with it, so ill make it into a quicktime movie for you to preview when ive done some work on it.


thanks. ill get to work on it soon.

hey mars, i did a bit of sound for your orb thing, tell me what you want different and i’ll modify it. :spin:

i signed up with the file storage site you use, dunno exaclty how to link it to the file, but ill see if this works.

That sounds pretty cool but the encoding destroyed the video.