Anybody want a GMAIL account?

I’m up to my knees in invites, so if anybody wants one post your e-mail and i’ll send you an invite. First come first serve!


If you have so many, sell them on eBay.

That would work, except there’s hardly a demand for them anymore. When you consider that the numbers are rising exponentially by 6…

It’s a marketing ploy, the more people who think that they are rare finds the better. People can advertise it in a forum and it isn’t labelled as spam, but it is.

hm, i would like to test that gmail thing out, so if you have to many invites, heres my email :slight_smile: :
thomas (at)

Me too!Me too!!!oneoneone!!!
schlops (at)


The guys at Google decided that you can’t do that anymore.

I’ll take 1.



I’d be interested in one if you have any spare still.

kerry (at)


What I want to know is where on earth (or off earth?) is Gmail getting all this file space for thounsands of 1gb email space.


i think at the same place as the cray computers for pagerank.

I’ll take 1!
My email is
[email protected]

I think they assume that nobody will ever use that much space. I’ve had mine for about 6 months about and i haven’t even filled up a meg (though i’ve not really used it a super huge amount). I really doubt they have like 1000 terrabytes or something…


Text compresses remarkably well, actually.

I’ve already used up 11% of my 1gb storage in maybe a month.

i want one [email protected]