Anybody want to help with a logo i'm making for a charity?

i’ve spent weeks on this since i’m new to using blender, but i keep running into problems and would really appreciate some help. several of you have helped a lot, but i imagine just one experienced person could fix it all pretty quickly.

i’m making a logo for a charity for free so you’d be supporting a good cause!

here’s my file:

the problems i need fixed are: the model is reflecting light oddly along the top and bottom center. i’m not sure how to fix the shape to correct that.

the lighting is wayy off. it looks good in look dev mode but i have no clue how to make the lighting good. (this is my first time using blender. i know i could use a tutorial, but who knows if it would be a good tutorial?)

i’d like the ocean to have a more distant-water-like texture and to be a more vivid blue as if it’s water reflecting light.

i’m also open to any other changes you suggest making.

i’ll give you credit when i give them the logo too!

if you’re curious, the logo is for Public Happiness Movement.
their website is here:


I can help you but I need to know what exactly you want to achieve. The model from the blend file has a bit wrong topology, lot of pinching, and textures are not packed into the file.

thanks! i guess i just want it to look better however you think possible. the textures can be gotten from here:

someone said a “normal map” might help too.

You need to tell/show me what end result should look like :wink: Should it be a heart with earth map texture?

yeah that’s what i want.

I recommended that you try this forum. A couple of weeks… from the look of it you’ve been through the ringer. It appears that you have multiple threads about this and I imagine its difficult to keep it all strait. 3D is not easy and if you have a deadline you must be stressed.

That being said, I have to ask are you mostly satisfied with this version? How can i make part of an object have a gold color and texture,

The file in that post is packed with the textures. If this is the case it looks like your in the home stretch.

You need to tell/show me what end result should look like :wink: Should it be a heart with earth map texture?

I don’t want to step on your toes @cgslav but I thought it would be helpful to mention where this is at.

hopefully this is a help.

Like the rest…I am not sure what you are really asking…but here is my 2 cents…I rebuilt your mesh as the top crease and 2 ares R&L were a problem…just as easy to re-build. I unwrapped and applied the Earth Real Color Map… added two area lights…as only one and the reflection was annoying! It can be changed easily by deleting the right or left lights and changing to a disk, and grabbing X and then adjusting the angle…

HERE is the Blend File…
I hope this at least gets you further along!

thanks for the message. i’m mostly satisfied with the version you linked, but i got feedback from who it’s for and they want the ocean to be lighter and more “magical” looking.

thanks a lot for your help! definitely looks better your way

You are welcome…Please let me know if there is anything else you need help with.

sorry to say it but i used tutorials for about every step, it took a long time to do, and i don’t remember how to do all i did to make my version of the logo with the object you made. the people i’m making the logo for want the land to be golden like mine is, and the ocean to be kind of magical/light blue looking (not how mine is). do you feel like helping with that?

So if I understand you, you don’t want an Earth texture but gold like yours solid within the continents.
Magical is really a vague term…light blue no problem… I will get to the land masses ASAP, but if you can give me more of an idea about “Magical” it will help!


New File-HERE

yeah, i like how the land texture is in my version. by magical i mean kind of luminescent and sparkly, maybe with some lines suggesting the currents if you can. also, can you easily raise up the bottom of the earth? i’d like it to be a bit shorter like in my version. can you make the united states be completely visible too? i like how the continents are in my version

ok…Changed the heart to be shorter…remapped the UV to get the US centered ( just in case it was an idea, you can-not animate the heart now…as the “Globe” is no longer a part of the mapping).
I added some " currents" to the oceans ( completely Tweakable to get something to your/their liking).

Changed out the HDRI to night lights to get some inner glow and sparkle…
Version4 Here

sorry to say i don’t like this version. i want the continents to look about how they do in my version with the texture (bump map), positioning, and color. i don’t like how the ocean looks except the color is about right. the lines seem like they aren’t ocean currents since they don’t seem effected by the presence of land. not sure how to fix that but maybe use a different image for currents or distort it to seem more natural? also some texture on the ocean and sparkliness could help.

Hey! No Problem…but at least you have the file and can see what I did…and come up with something you like better…Without designing a new map for the water…I played with it all morn…I realized that you never included the texture files in you blend…ie: all we got was the heart with a satin metallic on it…I wondered what you were referring to when you said…the way I positioned and the normals…

I think… that going to post-processing will be a way to go to get what you are looking for…Sparkle just isn’t working well enough nor is trying to keep the lighting subdued enough that it doesn’t blow out the landmasses…and yet shines through… Another idea I have would be to create the landmasses and then shrink -wrap them to the heart…it may just distort them too much…
latest test this AM…