Anybody watching the european soccer cup?

GOGO Netherlands. Currently watching the european soccer cup and Netherlands is leading 2:0 against Italy.
So who else is following this event and what is your tip on the outcome? Who is going to be the winner?

As I’m German I have to say the Germans of course but the Netherlands make a good candidate also.

Nice to some some of my German brethren here. I have to say Germany is going to win as well. Especially with Ballack, Klose, Gomez, and Podolski. I also think that Portugal has a chance.

On a more current note. The Netherlands is leading 3:0 at the moment and it is pretty clear that Italy is going to lose.

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And that’s the final score 3:0. The Netherlands are definetly a candidate for the title. Great game, at least for the Netherlands.

Truthfully, I’m surprised that Italy didn’t do better or atleast that Luca Toni could score.

He had it pretty hard and it was definetly not his day. Can’t say I’m not a little gleeful.

And just wait until you see Quaresma playing…

Proud day to be Dutch! not too good for my bet at work though, 1 - 1 is quite a long way from 3 - 0 :slight_smile:

Anybody watching the european soccer cup?

cough err…you mean football, right? :wink:

I caught bits of it while I was at work, and I have to say, the dutchies did brilliantly! I really wasn’t expecting that result.

Come on En-ger-land!

No matter what, I’ll still be rooting for the Belgiums!


I really wanted the Dutch to lose against the Italians. They don’t deserve to win. Last time against the Italians they had a 11 to 8 man advantage, they had a 3 point advantage, and yet they managed to lose due that fact the Dutch are notorious for missing penalty shots.

And for that, they should endure that Klingon ritual of shame for 3 generations.

Toontje, what are you talking about! I thought you were Dutch, at least your username seems like it.

Go go Netherlands, keep it up. I know we were admittedly bad and our players had a hissy fit at the WC 06, but I think we can get over that now and really play some nice ball. I’m going to watch the Netherlands-France game Friday, should be entertaining!

Funny Toontje I had the same feeling towards the italien and they did loose. :wink: But I didn’t expect them to loose that bad.
Fobsta let’s wait til 2012 or 2010 South Africa at least there the English have a chance … :eyebrowlift2:
Yeah it’s a great day to wear orange…

yep, and the guy who beat the polish, was…POLISH!!


now solve my Gus problem!

poland played pathetic, they have to face it. Talking it well on TV will not bring any success, at last the media craze toned down after that, so we dont get fed sports “news” all day (if Beenhakker farted and why it smells).

Germany wiped them without breaking a sweat (it looked as they didnt really care that they are playing).

Netherlands supprised me, keep it up, tho i think germany will take it once again.

Neverthless, we got another set of matches today: Russia vs Spain and Sweden vs Greece. Based on the Greeks win at the 04 Euro Cup I’m going to have to root for them. I’m also going to have to go for Russia.

i hope for a swedish gold anyway.

Go Greece Go, Go Greece Go :wink:

Looks more like they are standing still instead of playing soccer.
Weird 2nd goal for the swedish.
Considering what I saw today I think Spain is allready in the quarter finals and all the others still have a chance at coming in second. But I don’t think that the Greece have a chance if they don’t start going more offensive.

I never watch soccer. I only watch football :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Yay for .nl and .se. Too bad .fi didn’t make it.