anybody working with Lightwave?

(stephen2002) #1

I am trying to convert by Blender models over to Lightwave. I don’t have the time to learn Lightwave’s modeler right now, but I do like their rendering. I want to use Blender as a go-between for modeling. Here is my post in QA about that:

I would just leave it there, but I know different types of people read different portions of the board.

(dickie) #2

this script works extremely well.
it also exports the UV coordinates of your model.

(BgDM) #3

hmm. so that script didn’t work for you? It has worked for me with no problems. I am now confused.

I will try that script that dickie just posted as well.


(stephen2002) #4

I have not gotten a chance to try out either script.

I will let you know if they work.

(sten) #5

the script works, but not 100% accuratly about UV maps,
the are exported, but not where it was in Blender…not for me that is

I have tried it couple of times…either it is mirrored or placed not correct…