Anyone already worked with Sculptris?

Are here poeple wo already worked with Sculptris?

Can we use the sculpted models from Sculptis in Blender?

Or would you take Blender instead of Sculptris for sculptring high detailed 3d models?

I think Sculptris uses OBJ files. So you have to import/export OBJ files in blender to use Sculptris files.

Do I lose data or information when importing / exporting .obj or is it very stable and recommended?

I’m not an expert, but I think OBJ files uses triangles and not quads, and importing in blender the model can lose some edges.

Obj files can hold tris, quads and ngons. Sculptris uses triangles only in its mesh so all you’ll get when imported is triangles. Objs can also hold UVs that sculpris can make. There are many threads on these forums talking about using blender and sculptris so I’d suggest doing a forum search and see what peoples experience has been. Or ideally download sculptris and try for yourself.

Ok thanks, will do smore more research and test Sculptris =)

But as Sculptris is now from Pixologic, can we expect that it will be still free in the future or do they want to charge us too like they do for Zbrush?

I used and use Sculptris in a pipeline with Blender for a long time now and it’s just great and from an artistic (just blank out underlaying geometry and go with the flow) and performant point of view Sculptris is far beyond Blender. (for now)

And IF Sculptris would become fully commercial and be available as some sort of ZB-light with a reasonable pricetag I’d buy it.

There are some advocates of “you just don’t know how to use blenders sculpting tools” but I don’t see why I should make my life more complicated. I could also chisel a marble statue with a wooden spoon but I don’t do it because there are better tools for the job and I see no reason why I should stick with “old technology” working with multires meshes, caring for underlaying topology for some weird sense of tradition.

I still trust that now with bmesh we’ll get some sort of infinite clay or dynamic tesselation for sculpting and maybe a viewport overhaul. :wink:

Where is the “thanks” Button? xD

That is a great answer and it is really satisfying me =)
Could I ask you also sometimes (not so often) also for help with Sculptris and Blender if I need help?
Would be great as it seems that you are really experienced and you use Sculptris for some time now.

There’s nothing to ask really: Sculpt in Sculptris, export the .obj, import to Blender, Retopo with Bsurfaces, bake maps on demand.

Great, thanks man =)