Anyone been reading Fox Trot?...

One of the principle characters is currently trying to make a 3D animated movie. I guess Finding Nemo has finally started to move amature 3D out into the mainstream.

Neat! I wish my paper still ran it.

I was talking to a co-worker about trying to learn this art. He said Oh yeah, that stuff’s easy now! They got super computers to do it!

heh so if I have a super computer my blender work will be better/easy?

Go to Yahoo, sign up, and customize My Yahoo. You can add comic strips.

You could just go to

I’ve been reading it, it’s a good comic strip.

Of course man! Just hit a button and voila! Toy Story!

What he doesn’t know is that it still takes Pixar an average of 6 hours to
render one frame and that’s only after several artists and technitians have
worked on it.

it’s more sort of six hours to two days.

And they have at least 250 Sun UltraSparc II machines, each with 14 processors, 14GB RAM and 196GB of local hard drive storage. Each.


(And that was when they made Monsters Inc., so it’s probably even better by now. :smiley: )

This reminds me, I think there was an unwitting allusion in a Blondie comic from last month:
(EDIT: I guess KFS doesn’t like hotlinking)

LOL, I can barely write with this stupid laptop’s apparently broken keyboard. Here’s the infamous test sentence without my pinky holding down this Fn key:

The q45c2 br6wn f6x 140*ed 6ver the 3azy d6gs.


Anyway, I love FoxTrot, and am paying attention to the little things in the strip this week. For example, in the first strip this week, Jason (the character doing the CG film) is reading about raytracing. Slurrrppp…

read up on the cartoon (I could use that book :wink:
seems like good stuff
but its a render farm, not a “server farm”

Today’s strip is exactly how I feel most of the time, especially with POV-Ray, which for just a ball takes forever. Forget about isosurface landscapes.

I meant to point out that Blondie strip myself… Suzanne achieves fame!!!

My favorite strips are Monty, Get Fuzzy, and Dilbert. Monty is so wonderfully bizarre. Get Fuzzy rocks. Dilbert has such great characters. And if you aren’t getting Scott Adam’s Dilbert Newsletter, my advice to you would be to get it. It’s really funny.It always has quotes from dumb people, such as:

“He’s not the brightest cookie in the lamp.”
“That question was so easy I could have answered it blindfolded!”
“It’s only ten minutes, as the crow flies.”