Anyone can recommend me a good & cheap palm?

Hello everybody,
I need tips from any of you with experience regarding palm pcs, the thing is that I do not need too much eye candy on it, basically it has to be a notepad which I can then connect to my laptop and transfer all my notes.

Anyone care to share any recommendations?

Thank you :slight_smile:

E-bay ??? Usually does the trick for me!

you can get a good note taking-worthy palm from ebay for about $50 off of ebay. i used to own an M505 model (had some issue with the sync/charging cradle) and i remember some nice and cheap “Zire” models that came out a little while after that. one of them would let you take pics also. all palm models can connect to a pc and can trade notes/pics/games ect…

just browse around ebay and pay attention to the feedback :smiley:

a question though, is this serious student/job note taking, or just something to jot your everyday ideas down on?