Anyone care to share a spaceship model?

I’ve been lurking here for a while (off and on) and have played with Blender a bit (also off and on). I’m currently working on a short “FX test”-type video to test my chroma key skills and make a cool-looking space shot.
I’m doing the rendered shots in Blender - I have external shots of the earth covered very nicely by KevinW’s awesome-looking demo (, but I am still looking for a suitable spaceship model. My modeling skills aren’t up to the task (->modeling n00b), so I was wondering if anyone had a completed spaceship model they’d be willing to share (I’ll credit you of course). Not looking for anything fancy - a basic “space fighter” craft-type thing with the cockpit up front and windows around the cockpit. If anyone has something they wouldn’t mind me using, I’d be very grateful!

Tons of free downloads at

Steve S.

wow, didnt know this site existed…yea go there, a lot of good stuff, just remember to give credit where credit is due!